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Exclusive custom data line, and let love everywhere!

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-29
Android phones have a common fault is charging interface is to points the direction, for young people is not a big problem, but as we of the older parents, to cell phone charging, it is difficult to distinguish between data interface and the direction of the mobile phone charging interface, it is very hard to plug in. If in apple mobile phone, charging interface can literally plug, but apple mobile phone function is more complex, and expensive, old age of parents is difficult to fit in so in apple mobile phones for used to android's parents is not good. Here small make up recommend with Type - for everyone C interface of mobile phone, for the corresponding Type - C is regardless of the direction of the data line, and can be inserted, parents is convenient to use. < / p>, and introduces how double blind plug Type - C cable, it jumps out from the single conventional design, double at interface chip design; Such is larger the convenience of the user experience, let the Type - C interface of the plug of trival into simple operation, but also greatly reduces the interface and reverse thrust fault, the damage of cell phones and port can increase number of cable, plug life. < / p> < / p> how many people have tried in the advanced study on the present for my father. Father love tea, regardless of the spring and autumn period and the duty summer, he will always end when to go for a door or a hot cup of tea slowly tea lane. Because of his be fond of, porcelain, purple sand cup, vacuum cup, I have a lot to buy him some. < / p> < p> we don't often say some words, but the gift of word and picture is what we want to say to 'you' : < / p> < p> I hope you to longevity and health. < / p> < p> I hope you happy ~ easy; < / p> < p> I hope we don't have, you can also feel ~ I love you. < / p> such an elegant and small gifts, recommend the same to you. When to see their parents again to even bother looking for mobile phone plug head, gen Type - will ya C cable or a custom version of the data line to help him with, and told him: later don't have to distinguish between positive and negative, the cable can be random blind plug, and the inscription above specially for you, is I to you 'blessing'. ( Or tell him see 'blessing' in the above good, next time don't have to work hard and see a mobile phone interface. < / p> think about that a moment, the parents will have full touched, because we have strong heart, and sweet love. < / p> customize some customers for their different divisions of the company the exclusive cable, because of considering the nature of work often need to use mobile phones, and mobile phone power consumption faster. Customers in each department stocked with Shared data line, cable can engrave the unique to each department on the label 'company name - Xx ', etc. , having a unique style, practical and innovative. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> the exclusive custom cable online consultation: < / p>
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