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everything you need to use arduino for home automation

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-10
One of the great things about home automation is that it\'s unlimited.
Whether you add more smart locks, throw some smart bulbs into the light fixture, or add another smart thermostat to your home, it\'s easy to control all the products in your home.
But if you don\'t like to do what others do and want to modify your smart home settings to create something truly unique, you need the help of Arduino.
Now, you might want to know what is the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
The simplest thing is to imagine the raspberry skin as a complete one.
A mature Linux computer that allows you to modify and adjust to your preferences.
Arduino, on the other hand, is a miniature
The controller is not a complete computer.
Arduino is designed to allow you to execute your code effortlessly while working with your operating system.
Because it only does one thing at a time, it is very, very easy to use.
So now that you \'ve chosen Arduino for your next smart home product, it\'s time to actually implement and start controlling the device.
You need something to get started.
Here\'s what you need: one of the great things about the Arduino mkr iot bundle is that it\'s designed to give you everything you need in one place.
In addition to the MKR1000 board, it also includes a micro
400-USB cable
Order bread plates and 70 solidsCore jumper.
Add it to dozens of LEDs, tilt sensors, and more, and you\'ll have everything you need to create a home automation project.
But before you start, you need to decide what you want to create.
Although you can dream of anything and create it using Arduino, the organization\'s website also includes a list of ways to create home automation options using bundles.
When you browse the project center of the site, simply select the home and automation category.
You\'ll find dozens of ways to create everything right away, from automatic slingshot to feeding your pet to Alexa-
Smart fan enabled.
Similarly, Arduino is designed to do one thing over and over again.
So if you want to have a technology that will allow you to do different things with different products at the same time, this is not for you.
Once you have selected the project you would like to undertake, you will need to follow the instructions on the Arduino website.
In some cases, you may need some other tools such as a laser cutter or soldering iron.
In other cases, something in your kit should work.
In many cases, you can rely on some applications that can be connected to the Arduino to help you control the devices connected to the Arduino.
There are several apps on Android and iOS, but if you have anything, please select the Arduino Bluetooth controller app on your Android device and the convenient Bluetooth Arduino controller on your iPhone.
Both apps help with the connection between your device and Arduino and allow you to control them without being too close to your device.
Arguably the best feature of Arduino integration is that there is no limit to what you can do.
Since the kit is designed to allow you to create a variety of home automation tools, you can simply disassemble the work done, connect it to something else, and control that device with the same technology
In many cases, the same application can be used for both technologies.
So no further action is required, pick up the Arduino and start creating it.
Most importantly, it won\'t cost you much to jump in.
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