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everything you need to know about playstation 4

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-06
Sony\'s PlayStation 4 will be available in North America on November.
A week before Microsoft launched its new Xbox One.
The company hopes to win gamers through immersive, realistic gaming worlds and easy online sharing with friends to follow the PlayStation 3 launched in 2006.
Sony also launched 22 games at the PlayStation 4 conference to attract a wide range of fans from military shooting to sports simulation to home
Friendly Adventure
It also comes with media apps such as Hulu and Netflix that may appeal to non-gamers.
Take a look at the new console.
Photo: Sony\'s PlayStation character arrives outside a hotel in New York on November. 13.
The PlayStation 4 is a slender, unobtrusive box that goes through 6-HDMI cable for feet.
Once you power on, connect to the Internet in just a few minutes and create or update your free account on Sony\'s PlayStation Network.
You can also get a DualShock 4 controller with micro controller
The USB cable that charges it.
A single ear earbud for online chat is provided and can be inserted directly into the DualShock controller.
Headphones with standard 3.
55mm plug can also be used.
The latest Playstation 4 and its in-
The screen user interface has been simplified, the big icon horizontal bar for games and applications.
Sony set the price of the PlayStation 4 to $399, $100 less than the Xbox, but $100 more than Nintendo\'s annual priceold Wii U.
The PS3 will also be on sale for $200.
The DualShock 4 controller is similar to the PlayStation 3, but the TouchPad and the \"share\" button are added.
The share button can be used to post game shots and screen shots.
Players can also invite friends to watch them play the game or actually hand over the controls.
The controller is also equipped with a touchpad and a mobile motion sensor.
The function of the clickable touchpad varies from game to game.
For example, in \"Killzone: Shadow Fall\", the TouchPad is used to send orders to combat drones.
There is also a light bar at the top of the controller that changes the color to indicate the player\'s status.
In \"killzone\", red means your character is close to death.
The options button is roughly the same as the old Start button.
The console is customized around computer processing and graphics processing units-
Built by Advanced Micro Equipment Company
Sony says the PlayStation 4 is 10 times more capable of handling the ps3.
This should be converted to a higher screen resolution (up to 1080p)
And faster frame rates (
Up to 60 frames per second)
This means more detailed environments, more realistic lighting, smoother animations and huge online multiplayer games.
The biggest downside is that you can\'t play any PlayStation 3 games on the new machine.
Sony says more than 180 games are being developed for the PlayStation 4.
Among them, 33 will be before the end of this year in Blu-
Disc or digital download.
The picture is a scene in \"Knack\", which is created as the perfect beast to show the amazing visual power of the game console.
The hero in the game, also known as Knack, is displayed on the right and consists of 5,000 parts that come together and hang in the air to shape its eternity
Form of deformation.
The console will offer a variety of entertainment apps including Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video.
The entertainment app can be found in the PlayStation Store.
For sports fans, the app for NBA Game Time and NHL GameCenter LIVE will be available for streamingof-market games.
Sony lists 11 features available when the system is debugged.
These features include: the user can access the PS4 title displayed on the living room TV via Wi-Fi and play it on the PS Vita system
Use the Fi network of PS4 Link 2.
Users can use the PS4 Link 2 app for the PS Vita system, as well as the PlayStation App for iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphones and tablets, using these devices as the second in the supported title
The PS4 system also enhances social viewing by allowing users to actually play their games
With Ustream and Twitch live internet streaming services, it\'s time for fans around the world to play.
Sony offers users two ways to watch the live broadcast.
First, the real-time aggregation of the PlayStation app on the PS4 aggregates the streams of all the PlayStation users.
Second, users can watch a friend\'s PS4 game from their computer and from apps installed on mobile devices such as Ustream, Twitch, and browsers.
These apps can be launched through the PlayStation app and users can also use them to post comments to the game broadcast.
In addition, users using the PlayStation Camera can play Camera images and microphone sounds while they live the game.
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