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Even Customized Lanyards Are Moving Into The High-tech

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-11
Customized lanyards are dependable devices, but are about as basic as it's possible to get. A simple loop of nylon, polyester, cotton or other material that goes around the user's neck to hold I.D. cards, pens or other items, the lanyard is about as cutting-edge as a rock. But Apple Inc. and others may soon be changing it. The workaday customized lanyard could soon be going high-tech. An independent Apple-centric web site recently reported that the tech giant patented a lanyard design that incorporates electronic equipment and will be able to be used with Apple portable devices. Macsimum News reported that the customized lanyard would include a neck cord having data carrying capability and a harness to hold a device such as smartphones and MP3 players. Current customized lanyards don't have the ability to integrate electronic signals into the lanyard in any similar way. That requires those who use a lanyard to carry their MP3 player to use a separate cord for the headphones. The proposed new device would simplify use by eliminating the need for a separate trailing cord for headphones. Customized lanyards already are performing an important tech function in many workplaces. Lanyards are often being used to carry USB flash drives. The lanyard keeps the flash drive handy, ready for use whenever the wearer needs it, yet also helps keep the drive from being lost. Customized with a company logo or message, the lanyard even performs a marketing function as well. With more and more electronic devices moving toward wireless connectivity, customized lanyards could soon become an important part of the communications revolution.
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