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European Universal Mobile Phone Charger is Reliable

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-11
EU standards: all mobile phones need only one charger In June 2007, China had promulgated a national standard of chargers, and enforced it in the domestic market. The difference is that EU mobile-phone chargers with the phone's interface part is under the mandatory uniform use of Micro-USB standard, which makes 'a battery charger to get all the phones' becoming a reality. While, Chinese national standards only require the phone chargers separation and cell phone charging cable, power plug part must be unified, and do not mandatory for the end of the cell-phone charging interface standards. Chinese national standards, because the side of the interface standard is not uniform, it still can not do a charger to charge all phones, and users still need to buy a mobile phone handset and chargers supporting cell phone purchase. According to industry analysts, the domestic standard is also expected to transition to upgrade eventually unified with the EU and other international standards, the implementation of the Universal. Reporters also surf on the Internet, the similar 'universal charger' even more numerous on the Internet. This simple charger sells with the prices even as low as $ 5, $ 7. Some are slightly improved, with one end is the power plug and one end is the connectors ranging from five to ten kinds. Can a simple charger with no more than ten dollars really use as the universal charger, which doubts many consumers. The general regular cell-phone chargers will mark the charging voltage, current standards, but there is often not on the cheap 'universal chargers'. These chargers internal circuit is very simple, with a big difference from the wife Charger. And these cheap products have no voltage protection device, once encountering a high voltage or short circuit, it is very easy to damage the battery internal circuit, or even explode, so there is a serious safety hazard. The so-called universal charger with the price of a few dollars, even the general cost of the charger is not enough; so we'd better not use them. Goodscool - one of the best suppliers of China wholesale, wholesale cell-phone charger, wholesale iphone cases and so on.
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