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European and American custom USB2. 0 cable, why do you choose suitable cinda? The company's main advantage in where?

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-26
In many countries of Europe and the United States, the production of enterprises to choose import custom USB cable, choose to work with suitable cinda why like? Mostly because suitable cinda in USB cable product design and high quality can meet the requirements of Europe and the United States most of the customers, but also for Europe and the United States the requirements of customers is also very understanding. Therefore, Europe and the United States has a lot of customers every year to shun cinda factory custom USB cable products directly. < / p > < / p > we jas gen company mainly advantage is embodied in: domestic wires exclusive brand; They have a strong cable factory; Design factory has its own model; Have a professional product designers; Has a strong network promotion team fully. < / p > as you know, the European and American customers highly value the quality of the products. This is right, USB products, is not only a simple appearance design, can also be combined with the material of the product itself, make the product more selling point. Especially big importer, want to develop the USB cable is unique, can't imitate others, so special attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. < / p > < / p > suitable cinda 13 years professional experience in design and production of USB cable, of which 80% are our own development and design, we have some common mode, customers don't need to mold fee it is good to buy directly flowers, especially suitable for small batch buyers; Big importers of general will require development design alone, is willing to pay for opening mould, we just cooperate with customer design, customer sometimes directly provide USB cable product design to us, some to provide some ideas for our design, these are our company can meet customer requirements. < / p > custom hotline: ( + 86). 0755 29923073 < / p > < / p >
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