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europe inching closer to universal-phone-charger standard

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-22
The days of looking around for a smartphone charger that suits your particular phone may soon be over
At least in Europe.
For a Universal
Charger standard in USAS. , well . . .
Don\'t hold your breath.
A pair of European standards agencies have finally completed the technical specifications of the microprocessor-based universal mobile phone charger
USB is a compact port that has become an interface for many mobile phone brands and models.
With the specifications agreed on the new standard, the first phones to support the upcoming Universal Charger are finally clear --
According to the European Commission, this may begin in the coming months.
More than a dozen major handset manufacturers
Including Nokia, Samsung, RIM, Sony Ericsson, LG, Texas Instruments, and even Apple.
Agreed to comply with the new European standards as early as 2009, aiming to make life easier for anyone who has handled incompatible phone chargers.
This is good news for smartphone users across the pond, but in the USS.
It\'s a different story.
As a cable report in last August pointed out, no government agency in the United States has come forward to lead similar calls.
North American charger standard.
This leaves the standard work in the wireless industry unfinished and hasn\'t convinced all major mobile operators to agree in the US. S.
Charger interface.
That\'s not to say, of course, America. S.
Smart phone chargers are completely incompatible with each other.
I happen to have a micro
The USB charger works with most Android phones I tested as well as my two rechargeable wireless hotspots.
However, anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows that Micro
No USB charger-
When it comes to their iOS devices, use Apple\'s proprietary 30-pin interface.
Meanwhile, Wired notes that \"many\" BlackBerry phones only work with the paired charger.
Still, if the biggest mobile manufacturers manage to put aside their differences in fees in Europe, can\'t they do the same thing in the US? S. ? (
Let\'s not forget that rumors about the next iPad may follow the MicroUSB port. )
I think we will find the answer in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.
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Ben Patterson is a tech writer at Yahoo! News.
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