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Entertain Better with Full High Definition LED TV

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-12
As the newest form of high definition TVs, LED televisions produce the greatest picture quality available on the market today. Any home theater enthusiast can benefit from this amazing technology. But there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the concept of 'LED TV'. Even many marketing professionals and salespeople who should know better are falsely explaining what an LED TV is to their prospective customers. To set the record straight, it is important to note that the Light Emitting Diode (LED) designation refers to the backlight system used in the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs, not the chips that produce the image content. LCD chips and pixels do not produce their own light. In order for an LCD TV to produce a visible image the LCD's pixels have to be 'backlit'. So LED TVs are still LCD TVs. It is just that these new sets use LED backlights rather than the fluorescent-type backlights used in most other LCD TVs. In other words, LED TVs should actually be labeled LCD/LED TVs. This brilliant LED TV delivers a picture more stunning than anything you've ever seen. Its incredible mega contrast provides blacker blacks and whiter whites as well as exceptional brightness and greatly enriched colour expression, making images appear more real. What you get is the fullest, most lifelike colours you've ever seen. Its picture quality looks stunning from any and every angle on its full high-definition panel, which absorbs ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections for a more comfortable viewing environment. The state-of-the-art technology it employed helps the TV knocks out virtually all motion blur, leaving your picture smooth and crisp -- and your jaw dropped. It's easy on the planet as well as the eyes. The TV is made with eco-friendly materials, containing no VOCs. And by using mercury-free LED lights that require less energy, less CO2 is emitted. So you can put your feet up and relax knowing you're leaving a smaller carbon footprint. It's very energy efficient, consuming 20 to 30% less power than traditional LCD sets. So not only will movies look better, utility bills will too. The TV is 3.75 cm thick. You'll have no trouble finding a place for it in any room. It comes with a base, but you can also easily mount the slim TV on a wall just like a picture frame. One look is all it takes to see that this isn't just a TV you're hanging, but a work of art. This 42' LED TV is equipped with three HDMI ports to enlarge your digital multi-media connectivity. All it takes is one cable to connect your TV to your other audio and video sources, without compression, data loss or headache. There is also a USB port to play various multi-media files directly from the flash drive or USB HDD. Just plug the USB connection cord in and then instantly play, save or delete. So now anytime is show time.Take it home and let it entertain you in all new ways. Even when it's turned off, its slim, stylish and seamless design is pleasant to your eyes.
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