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Electronic Cigarettes Fashion Accessory

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-13
Advanced research shows that cigarette smoke contains more than four thousand chemical substances.Carbon dioxide and polisyclic aromatic hydrocarbones are the most dangerous and carcinogenic substances. The report made in the last four years by the World Health Organisation diagnose that the cases of illness and mortality as a result of smoking will increase to ten million per a year in the next two decades. As a result of that, most countries are concentrating their efforts into research to find a cigarette substitute. The Electronic cigarette was invented and put on sale for the first time in 2003. In the last few years the e-cig became fashionable. More and more people are hearing about them from friends or relatives who have bought and tried them, and have recommended them to us. Usually we rely on the opinions of others before we try something new ourselves. If they tell us that the e-cigarettes are worth trying, then we also make a decision to try it. We need information about the brand and the way it works. There is a great diversity of electronic cigarettes. The e-cig is a revolutionary new generation cigarette. The set consist of a white lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can be connected to the wall via the normal plug socket or using a USB charger, so they can be used in your car aswell. The mouthpiece, which is also called the cartridge, can be refilled or replaced with another pre-filled cartridge once the liquid in the mouthpiece has run out. An atomizer, which is what creates the vapour to make it look like you are smoking a real cigarette but without the harmful side effects. And lastly the 'e-liquid', this is the liquid that goes inside the cartridge and contains nicotine in various doses, from zero low, medium, to high and extra-high doses.The e-liquid comes in various flavours such as traditional tobacco flavour, menthol, coffee flavour and various fruit flavours so there is something for everyone. When smoking an electronic cigarette it seems just like an ordinary cigarette. It lights up on the end, imitating the flame. Due to the nicotine in the e-liquid when you inhale the electronic cigarette you get the same effect that you would with an ordinary one but without the harm. The advantage of the e-cigs is that you can smoke them anywhere as they are not banned from pubs and clubs; you can smoke them around your children, friends, and family as there are no harmful side effects or second hand smoke effects. They don't make your clothes or your hair smell as the vapour that is given off leaves no lingering bad smells. Electronic Cigarette,electronic cigarettes,e cigarette,eliquid,e liquid,ejuice,e cig,electric cigarette
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