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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Your Guide to E-Smoking

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-13
Electronic cigarettes have big shoes to fill. The beloved but deadly traditional cigarette gives the smoker a tremendous nicotine rush along with a robust flavor that lasts a while. Where most smoking cessation methods have failed, electronic cigarettes have managed to corral a large following to the tune of over seventy thousand Americans. While those are impressive numbers, there is still a huge population that continues to smoke. While some folks use electronic cigarettes as a means to quitting completely, other use it as a healthier nicotine delivery system for life. No matter what your goal is, the first step towards e-smoking is through the purchase of the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. All the items in the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit are designed to make your first puff go smoothly. A simple assembly is required to put the device together. Other than that the process is fool-proof. The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit has the essentials, namely the vaporizer, the e-liquid or e juice cartridges, the power source and the mouth piece that the e-liquid cartridge hooks on to. Besides the basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit package more involved ones include a USB charger, a car charger and even a second unit or e-cigarette (if there is a second smoker in the family). E-liquid flavors have taken on a life of their own. During the course of writing this article, I had occasion to scan some e-liquid vendor sites. The choices are truly over-whelming. The subtle variations of flavors along with the different gradations of nicotine concentrations allow the entire experience to be truly personalized to one's taste. The experience can only be likened to a drive through for a candy-store! The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ranges in price from $30 all the way to a whopping $150 for the Cadillac version. The choice of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit should be based upon the projected duration of e-smoking. Obviously there is no need to make a large investment in accessories such as car charger and carrying cases for e-cigarettes and e-liquid if e-smoking is only a bridge to quitting completely. If on the other hand, one plans to e-smoke on occasion or regularly then these accessories can come in handy. Irrespective of the duration, the electronic cigarette can be a significant tool in quitting smoking. As for the e-liquid choices, they promote decreasing dependency on nicotine as one is opened up to more and more flavors besides tobacco.
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