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Electronic Cigarette - An Alternative to Smoking

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-13
An electronic cigarette looks very much like a tobacco cigarette and is known as E Cig or E cigarette. It is made up of three parts, namely battery, atomizer and liquid refill cartridge. It has a lot of advantages over the traditional tobacco cigarette like it has no passive smoking effects; it has no tobacco, tar or smoke, no smell on clothes, no bad breath, cheaper than the other cigarettes and lastly, looks and tastes like a real cigarette. Also, 4 levels of nicotine are present- high, medium, low and zero and there are innumerable flavours to choose from. Buy Electronic cigarette today and take a note of these advantages. An E cigarette consists of an E-liquid in the atomizer which is composed of propylene glycol and contains nicotine, which releases a colourless and odourless vapour on smoking. This vapour is harmless as compared to the smoke released on smoking a tobacco cigarette and thus, the person gets a feeling of smoking minus the harmful effects. In the front of the cigarette is an operating mode indicator, an LED that lights up when you use it, similar to a real cigarette. These cigarettes have battery as an important component and so electric cigarette charger is required to charge them for their proper functioning. The first time charge on most of the models should be done for 12 hours. After that, you should recharge each battery for 4 hours minimum. Many times, the light on the charger turns green only within 20 minutes, even though it is not fully charged. But that should be ignored and 4 hours minimum of charging must be done to get best results. If you e-smoke regularly, it is a good idea to get multiple batteries and multiple chargers for each model, so you can charge multiple at one time, and have many of them ready to go. With E-smoking getting common, E cigarette accessories are getting popular too. They can prove to be an enhancement in both style and convenience. Ranging from stylish cases to USB chargers, multiple options are available to choose from. Some of the accessories are carry cases, batteries, cartridges, atomizers, wall adapters, car chargers, USB chargers and USB pass-through. Therefore, it is not a smoking cessation device but rather a smoking alternative. It gives the smoker a feeling that he is smoking a real cigarette, without getting harmed as in case of a tobacco cigarette and thus proves to be beneficial. Also, he gets to choose from multiple flavours and those accompanying him are saved from the disastrous effects caused by passive smoking.
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