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Electric Cigarette Smoking No More

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-13
Electric cigarette has altered the concept of smoking from bad to good one. Often the tag and the myths associated with the smoking are not good enough and many of the social stigmas are attached to the smokers. If you are one of the addicted tobacco smokers then off course quitting is not an easy job for you. Electric cigarette can do this part easy for you. Yes, you are no more required to move with the smoking stigmas as FDA has approved its usage at any place. You are not bound to smoke at only allowed places but can enjoy the liberty. So, not only you can quit smoking but also you can enjoy the leverage of smoking them at any place. Switching from traditional cigarettes to these cigarettes is in actual quitting a habit of smoking. Vamping is not smoking as vapors are formed and the components released during the vaporization process contain only propylene glycol, nicotine and the flavor. More than 4000 components are involved in real cigarettes like tar, lead, carcinogens etc. By smoking electric cigarette you are not in actual smoking but vamping. These cigarettes carry the slogan that you are no more smoking but getting the same sensation without any risks on health. These cigarettes do not produce any trash to be collected or cleaned. In case of real cigarettes, you need to have ashtrays and keep on collecting the cigarette butts from the carpet. Often burns are also caused by these cigarettes on the carpet leaving behind a bad impression. Along with cleaning issues, air pollutants are released into the air and are harmful for the passive smokers if inhaled. Cost effectiveness is another concerned feature about electric cigarette if anyone is thinking of switching to them. You can have a lot more puffs with these cigarettes in comparison to real cigarettes. One filled cartridge is equal to fifteen to twenty normal cigarettes. This shows how effectively you can manage your costs by having the same sensation as offered by normal cigarettes. So quitting smoking is beneficial in terms of cost as well. 'Smoking no more' with the help of these cigarettes is also trendy. The reason is that many of the showbiz celebrities are using them too in a much more personalized manner. This means they are in different colors, designs and in different accessories. Typical colors like, white, black, red, pink and even indigo. Also, the LED light that lights at the end of the battery is in orange, red, green and blue colors. Typical designs of these cigarettes are pen style and the traditional cigarette design as it gives realistic look and feel to the users. Accessories like car charger, velvet pouches, carrying cases, USB adaptors etc. are also in common use these days. With so many benefits offered by these cigarettes, quitting smoking is easy and there is no need for fake excuses any more. You can choose the nicotine strengths, flavors and even the color and the style while purchasing the starter kits. Not only, these cigarettes with their basic parts but also their accessories are amazing enough and provide more flexibility to its users.
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