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Efficient Data Transfer Between Computers Through

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-13
We update our computer to a new one and face the problem of data transferring between computers. You should understand the directory structure of your operating system. Once that is understood data transfer between computers is not difficult. This can be done manually, through direct connection or over a network. The basic method of moving data to your system is through a portable USB pen drive or hard drive. You just need to plug the device in to the old one and wait for driver installation. Go to My computer and search for the device. You can double click on it. Then position the window on right-hand side of my desktop. Thereafter you open C: drive on the left-hand side. In case you are using Windows XP then you can go to my documents and settings and then username. Look under Users the username if you are using Windows Vista or 7. Your major data is located under either my documents or Desktop. Both these folders need to be copied to the USB Device. You can also copy the files over a network. The easiest way is to share C drive temporarily. This is not security proof but for transferring files quickly this option is fine. In case of XP just go to C: Drive and right click it. From here you just choose sharing and security then recognize the security warnings about sharing the drive. Check the option share this folder on the network. Right click C drive if it is the Windows 7 or Vista. Now the hard drives of both computers are being shared. Now you can go to any computer and browse the network in order to see the shared hard drive. You can drag and drop the files to the new system. Once over remove sharing option. You can also do data transfer between computers through a cross over cable or a USB Drive. You can plug a cross over cable into the computer's network port. The data can be transferred without a USB Device. For this you need to be a tech savvy person. Data transfer through USB drive is simpler. Put it into USB port into each system to set up a connection between the two. In case of XP you have to just install the software from the CD that you had received with the cable. You have to just follow prompts on new operating systems.
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