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Easily Fix Your Own Computer Problems

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-14
Here are a several things you should test, and why, before calling the specialists. 1. Having software problems? Programs might not be in working order, or maybe sluggish and slow. Restart the pc. Turn your computer off then on. Usually, the best solution for this is to reboot. This may cause the programs to reset themselves, and work effectively. 2. Printer not printing and scanner not scanning? Take a look if it is switched on. And the power adapter is plugged in all the way as well as the cord that connects to the computer. If all of this is correct, and rebooting has not fixed the problem (and turning the devices off then on again), then try to re-install the program. Get the install driver disc that came with the products, if they're lost; try to look for the software online via their standard website, or a search engine. 3. CD/DVD/Floppy not working? Turn the machine off, and take off the case. Touch the case first before touching anything else. Check all cords and make sure they are plugged in entirely, and plugged in accurately. 4. Computer freezing? Check your disk space. More often than not, a full disk drive is the reason for freezing computer. Either delete some unwanted files, or copy to a back-up disc, then get rid of them off the hard drive. By making some space, the computer will have a faster performance. 5. No power? Ensure that your computer and monitor both are plugged in, and are attached to each other. Be sure that the computer is properly plugged. Determine if the outlet is functioning well. 6. Not moving or typing keyboard or mouse. Check the plugs if they are connected properly. When they are USB assure those USB ports are attached to your computer and that they do work. Take a look at the settings of your keyboard or mouse then change it out accordingly. Is it still no longer working? Maybe a new one would fix the problem. 7. Getting too hot computer? This could be caused by a cooling fan going out. Are you hearing weird noises? You need a new fan or to add lubricant to the already established fan. There's no need for you to remove the fan entirely, just carefully take it apart then lubricate. 8. Non-responsive program? Give it slow, maybe it's just working slowly. Take action first then return to it. If it really is stuck, it's time to CTRL + ALT + DEL. Pick which program you want to stop then hit on End Task. For programs that didn't close, hit on the restart button but if it did close, restart the computer. 9. Inadvertently deleted a file? Take a look at your Recycle Bin and if the file is still there, hit on Restore button. What if it's not there? Try to find any backups your computer is perhaps storing these files in. 10. Keeping your windows modern: Open up Internet Explorer (should be IE not any other browser). Click on MENU and go to TOOLS then check out WINDOWS UPDATES. After that, follow the instructions presented in the webpage.
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