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ear candy at work

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-12
The Samsung WEP570 comes with a portable charger that you can put into your car\'s cigarette lighter.
There is also a micro USB port for connecting MP3 players.
Easy to pair with phone, volume control and multiple
The function button is within reach.
The indoor call quality is good and the noise reduction effect is good, but the sound can be defined more clearly.
Nevertheless, six
Hours of call time, easy recharge through car charger, more
The WEP570 is supported and weighed with a comfortable 11g, with high cost performance.
Cheap plastic case and fragile hook, voice clarity may be higher than the bucks 2,100 rating-Buck lg HBM worth 3/52-570With a faux-
Lg hbm-metal finish and blue, flashing on/off lights
The 570 looks smooth and the plastic ear hook is not very strong even if it is cheap.
LG\'s digital signal processing comes with a dual microphone and works fine-you won\'t hear or hear anything in busy city traffic. Multi-
Built point support-
The in and voice commands notify you when you connect and provide caller ID information.
Easy to access volume control, manageable 11g weight and 5-
Offer a few hours of talk time, it\'s an earbound winner.
The sound command of love, attractive design hate cheap plastic ear hook, no extra, suspicious building quality 2,800 rating-4/53 quality callingAliph Jawbone Icon using the name no
5 techniques that effectively block noise both indoors and outdoors, as long as the 45mm-long 8g body is properly positioned against the chin.
It can be automatically adjusted according to the external noise to replace the volume control;
You may have to adjust the volume of your phone in a noisy environment, but usually it works.
By pressing the button, you will know how many hours are left in your life-only 4 hours at most. 5-hours.
It supports more
Directory help is accessible to users, but we can\'t. Oh well.
Love-light weight, voice commands, very clear call quality hate-no volume control 5,000 rating-4/54 elegant accessory Jabra stone innovative Jabra Stone has a scary two-person that can be used as a portable charger
8 hours more delicious battery life.
Simple Pairing, multi-point support, clear indoor call quality.
However, noise cancellation is not very effective for busy traffic situations, and adjusting the volume does not always solve the problem.
The stone is light and discreet at 7g, but you can only wear it on your right ear.
It also has the habit of discarding Bluetooth signals, which is unfair at this price.
Love-lightweight design, innovative chargerHate-sometimes drops signal, tedious control of srs 9,500 rating-2/55 calls and/or. . .
As some of its competitors, it is a bit heavy at 12g, but it is also sturdy and comfortable, safe and reliable.
You can do more by pressing the well-
Function buttons and omni-
Directional microphones help ensure clear call quality at all times. You get a best-on-test 7. 5-
Call time and support for multiple points.
However, the charger is proprietary and can be charged quickly without USB.
We also like voice commands, but it is still a good choice, though.
Love-comfortable, safe, healthy
Placed controls, battery lifetime for a long time-no voice command or backup budsRs rating 3,600-3/56 silent breezeplantrooper ProThis travelers provide clear calls, even the heavy traffic benefits from its AudioIQ technology and dual microphones.
Multi-point support, quick and simple pairing, dedicated volume control and call on/off buttons at the bottom of the boom microphone are very user friendly.
You also provide convenient voice prompts when six
Insufficient battery power per hour.
However, while these features may be impressive, Voyager Pro still makes you look like an amateur astronaut. At 17.
5g, we bet it\'s too heavy for long wear.
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