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E3 Flasher Installation Problem Solutions And Guy Guides

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-14
As E3 flasher has released this October, many users has ordered this product. Now there is some useful info about the E3 Flasher: E3 Flasher Installation Problem Solutions - from E3DIY Team - for E3 Flasher Owners Lots of buyer already got e3 flasher limited, most of them install e3 flasher and downgrade well. But few users get problem, here we list and give solution. About E3 Flasher: - for who wants to buy a E3 Flasher E3 flasher is a special device to help you programme NAND and NOR flash data . It is simplest to help you get all function with one key operation without any PC software.It is also easy upgradable from TF card and PC USB. it has 16M Nor flash memory on board, so you can save data on E3 flasher or TF card in few min, no need connect to PC anymore. E3 flasher has a special design for PS3, to allow user install and operation easier. Now E3DIY Team only provides E3 flasher Limited version ,it don't have the dual boot function it is a special suit for PS3 NOR FLASH user, The quantity for all the world is only 3000pcs . E3 Flasher Limited package contain 3 inner boxes, total 11parts. It support all NOR FLASH CONSOLE with NO solder for downgrade function. (include fat and slim nor flash console) . Here is a list to show flash version on diffirence console : Where to Buy E3 Flasher: - A specialized video games accessories(such as PS3 Controller) online store. E3 Flasher Price: 85USD Coupon Code: CODE-1312532759-5166 Coupon Code Price: 83.3USD Buy Link: Hope this article can help some E3 Flasher owners and PS3 gamers who wants to buy a E3 Flasher.
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