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DTH Beating Local Cable Services

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-17
Dth Services are direct cable home service. It can be defined as the reception of broadcasted programs from satellite with the help of a dish fitted on top of the home. It removes the third party cable operator and let the broadcaster directly sell its program to consumers. Many operators in India provide DTH services however major players of market are Tatasky, Sun direct, Reliance big TV and Airtel digital TV. SUN direct DTH Sun direct is one of the major DTH service providers in the country and one of the cheapest too. Recently SUN DTH started offering its set top box for just Rs. 890 making it first player in the country to offer DTH services at this marginally low cost. It is a champion to offer lowest subscription packs also with D clarity. Their lowest subscriptions pack costs just about 99INR. Sun direct offers only two packages, value pack and value plus pack. Its minimum cost pack, value pack offers all regional channels priced at 99 Rs and its value plus pack will add a set of national channels. With monthly subscription pack, there is also an option to choose your favorite channels also which costs in between the range of Rs 5 to 25. Airtel DTH Airtel DTH is known for its quality service. Their DTH set top box is also 20 percent bigger than other providers to have an uninterrupted entertainment for its consumers. Moreover all their subscribers can see their account summary on their television screens, book cinema tickets, can order their travel and holiday packages all functions within a single set top box. They are considered superior than others in market because of their after sales service and features, that other providers lack to offer. Airtel DTH cost approximately 1699*Rs Reliance Big TV Reliance offers its DTH services in MPEG 4 technology. The set top box also consists of HDMI and SPDIF ports. There is also USB port adding more to its connectivity. To attract more customers reliance also offer free three months subscription packs on purchase of its DTH set top box. Tatasky dish TV: Tatasky was the first to launch DTH services in India. It offers a number of different types of set top boxes according to customer's convenience. Tatasky dish TV is capable to record TV shows, so if you don't have enough time, you can watch your shows later. Its wide range of set top boxes also includes one which offers HD services, HD set top box that lets you view your channel in high definition quality or 1080 pixels resolution.
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