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Dreambox - Set Top Box

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-15
This unique feature device produced by the German manufacturer is the ever famous DTH Set-top-box or mostly called as the Dreambox. In order to fulfill the increasing demands of its customers, Dream Multimedia launched a number of Linux powered DVB terrestrial, satellite and set-top box. In the year 2007, Dream Multimedia also introduced the non-Linux based dreambox receiver the DM100. Dreambox is available in a number of different models in the market like 500HD, 600, 7020, 800HD, 8000, 100. Here, the suffix S stands for Satellite whereas T for Terrestrial and C for Cable. Among all the different models, dreambox 500s was the world's smallest DTH which was launched during 2005. Now it is considered as one of the most popular models by Dream Multimedia. Compilation of data has become very easy because of its open source software. It is one of the cheapest models launched after DM5620. The Dreambox 800 HD is the latest talk of the market among today's TV viewers. With various and endless options, it is the first ever HD set-top-box introduced by Dream Multimedia. Dreambox HD has become one of the topmost products in the market not only in the terms of price but also in features. Easy to understand as the name it self suggests. This HD DTH device also supports ultra quality MPEG4 video format. Dreambox HD is the first Linux receiver to have High definition and hard drive capability. Now people can access advanced features of the dreambox to avail best functioning. Supported hardware can be easily connected through the USB port of set top box. Device also helps in playing mp3 music and supports JPEG images. Due to Ethernet port, internet can be accessed at ease without physical appearance of any Desktop or Laptop device. The best feature which keeps the dreambox above all other available set top box is its open source adaptation. It helps in pairing of the device with various other open source related software. The unique features of this device make it possible to connect the device and to watch Television over the internet.
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