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downloading pictures, video, and other files from lg xenon gr500 (or any lg mobile phone)

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-03
Introduction there are many files in LG GR500 mobile phone. do you want to download them to your computer?
Some files are too large to be sent by emailmail?
This article will show you how to extract those annoying files stuck in your phone.
For this particular phone, the LG Xenon GR500 does not require any special software or drivers to communicate with a personal computer.
However, it does require the amicro SD card and the USB data cable.
If there is no micro SD card, the phone should detect the memory of the phone.
However, the results are unpredictable.
With micro SD card and USB cable, the phone should always work like a hard drive.
In this article, the LG GR500 will be connected to a computer running Windows XP.
You need a USB cable that matches the LG Xenon.
This cable can be found on your mobile carrier store or on the website.
As it happens, one of the 4 USB cables DataPilot offers for Samsung phone.
Unfortunately, the LG Xenon User Manual does not describe the name of the cable, but it seems to be a micro B usb plug.
Pictures of Micro B USB can be found in http://en . wikipedia.
Org/wiki/File: microb_usb _ plug.
The other piece needed for JpgThe to transfer data between LGGR500 phones and computers is the micro SD card shown in the following figure compared to SDcard.
The size of the SD card is about astamp.
You must insert the micro SD card into the slot on the right side of the LG Xenon phone (
If you\'re looking at the front of the phone).
Note: it can be painful if you remove the micro SD card.
If you have children in your home or people with small fingers, they will achieve better success in taking out the cards.
The finger just needs to push the card down and the card should pop up in the middle to get you out of the card.
In order to select the bulk storage option, you must unplug the USB cable from your phone.
The LG phone must be set to something like a mass storage device (
Like a hard drive)
For the computer.
To do this, many menu options have to be pressed.
First, go to the main menu on the LG GR500 phone shown below.
You can select all menus by pressing the icon on your phone\'s screen with your finger.
Select the settings option.
The icon looks like a gear. Click on More.
Select a connection in more lists.
Select a USB connection.
Finally, mass storage is selected.
Insert the micro SD card from here and then plug the USB cable into the phone.
The phone will display a message indicating that it behaves similarly to a mass storage device (hard drive).
Windows XP should detect LG Xenon GR500 phones and pop up a list of programs used to exchange data between PCs or laptops.
The most direct program is windows explorer.
With explorer, you can simply copy, cut, move, and paste files from your LG phone, just like the phone is a hard drive.
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