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download snes emulator and roms to the r4 card

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-27
The R4 card has many features, including the ability to play classic Super Nintendo games on Nintendo DS.
This guide will provide instructions on how to download SNES simulators and games.
Make sure to download the latest version, which will be the first link when you scroll down the page.
It will be a zip file, so a program like winrar is needed to decompress and extract the file.
Create a separate folder on the desktop.
Name it \"test\" or whatever you want.
Drag the emulator zip file into the Test folder and unzip the file there.
After you extract the zip file, you will notice several different files.
File with extension.
Nds \"is the file to be placed on the R4 card.
Plug the micro SD card with the appropriate firmware into the USB adapter.
Navigate to the device folder where the firmware and other files are located.
Create a new file and name it;
Ensure all capitals are included.
Do not put the SNES folder into any other folder.
It is completely independent.
This folder will store the emulator and SNES rom.
Go back to the test folder and drag SNEmulDS.
Micro files to SNES folder of Micro SD card.
No other documents are included.
Your file may have a different name, but as long as the extension is \".
Then you\'re on the right track.
Return the Micro SD to the r4 SDHC cartridge and enter the DS.
After opening the DS, go to the game section on the left side of the screen.
There you will see the SNES simulator.
When you click on the simulator, it will guide you into the blank screen;
This is because you don\'t have any rom on your file yet.
Hover over the ROM file navigation bar.
A drop-down list will appear.
Navigate to Super Nintendo and click on it. An A-
The Z directory of SNES games will appear.
Select the snes rom to download.
Click \"Download your file\" and save the ROM to the desktop.
This is a zip file so it has to be extracted.
After you extract the zip file, you will see the file with the extension. smc\".
This file is ROM and the simulator can only read ROM. smc\" extension.
Import the micro SD card into the computer again and open its root directory into the SNES file.
ROM transfer.
Expand smc to the SNES folder.
It\'s time to test the ROM on DS.
As before, click on the game section on the DS screen.
Enter the SNES emulator and then you will see the game on the screen.
Use the stylus to click on the game, or press the \"a\" button to activate the game and the game starts.
My personal idea of the simulator is that it may need more work.
For example, the game stages on most rom are actually distorted to the point where they can\'t play the game.
Some games don\'t start at all.
I really don\'t expect the SNES module to have any high expectations for DS, but there are some games you can play without problems.
Just test the game and see if everything goes well.
The updated emulator may have an update, so you may want to look into it as much as you can.
To improve the GUI issue of the game, some updates have probably been made.
I really hope this will help.
The simulator is dedicated to the use of R4 cards for Nintendo DS.
Make sure the file extension is \". smc\".
The emulator will read only these files.
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