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Don't buy long coveted convenient through long headphone cables

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-10
After many after 90, 00, in order to covet convenient use, many people would buy a longer phone cable, in order to recharge my mobile phone in time, sat down in the sofa or far far away from the power supply charge while playing mobile phone, actually this is wrong, we are not recommended for charging while playing mobile phone, dangerous large but also very electricity. < / p> we can do a test, first of all prepared two headphone cables of different lengths, a length of 1 m, another root length of 1. 5 meters, in suggesting that these two root cable with copper wire number in the same size as well as with the charger is the same case, android phones in the same department in charge for 10% of the time, successively charge for 30 minutes. Found in 1 meter long phone charging cable to 38%, and 1. 5 meters long recharge my mobile phone data line is 26%. Here to tell everybody is, the shorter the phone cable power, the greater the resistance the smaller, the faster rate. On the contrary, the longer the cable power will be smaller, the greater the resistance will, charging speed nature will be slower. < / p> < / p> some poor quality because the line is too long charging time long will fever serious burn data line with a mobile phone. So we need to pay attention to is when the choose and buy mobile phone data line is not as long as possible. So consumers should pay attention to. Shun cinda suggest you buy mobile phone cable, choose the length of the as follows: 0. 9 m ~ 1. 2 meters is the best. < / p> < / p>
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