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don’t forget the small ideas that make a difference

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-15
Usually, it\'s the big product of the headlines-your iphone, the surface, and the Galaxy.
But in the stores and garages in the basement, valuable inventions are being carried out on a smaller scale, and sometimes the work is worth a look.
Specifically, this week, I provided a review of the three interesting accessories that recently landed on my desk: accompaniment to the title --Grab tool.
This is a great nameless trend for the latest gadgets: they can be charged from the USB jack, which is not only on each computer, but also on many cars, planes, wall jacks and televisions.
Unfortunately, you still need to pack and carry the USB wire
Charged gadgets.
The smart name is ChargeCard ($25)
The story of success.
It is a replacement charging cable like a black rubber credit card;
You should put it in your wallet.
One end is the connector of the gadget;
The middle is a flexible rubber tongue with a USB contact at the end.
The idea is that you will never suffer any more battery death anxiety because you have no way to charge, so you will go out at night and watch your phone charge close to zero.
Now, there\'s always a \"cable\" in your wallet \".
Find the nearest TV or computer and charge it.
There are three versions of ChargeCard. One has a 30-
For iphone, iPod touch and iPads with the original 30-pin connector (
2012 and earlier).
New Lightning connectors are available for IPhone 5, the latest iPod Touch and the latest iPad.
One of them has a micro USB connector for all Android phones and tablets, Sony cameras, BlackBerry, Nokias, Kindles, jambox, etc.
ChargeCard is twice the thickness of the credit card, so it does add some volume to the wallet.
Need to bypass the central USB tongue, which worries you about its longevity (
Although guaranteed for life).
But yes, it works, and yes, it\'s a relief to know that you will never have a way of charging. The iFlyPad (
$30 available at the end of July)
It is a small device, about 3 inch wide, white or black, with powerful suction cups on both sides.
There is a big suction cup behind (
There is a sliding bar that adds an amazing suction of a strong bond)
You should attach it to the plane video screen in your front seat.
There are many small suction cups in front;
They grab the back of your tablet, phone or electronicsreader.
This thing will pause your gadget so you can enjoy your own video entertainment instead of any overpriced videos offered by airlines. Youâx80x99re hands-
For free, you can eat at your tray table with a better viewing angle.
Of course, the iFlyPad can also stick your phone, tablet or Kindle to any smooth hard surface in your daily life: cabinets, mirror mirrors, treadmill consoles or car touch screens (
So you can use the Google Maps app to navigate, not any bad GPS software that comes with your car).
Click here to see all details: suspension duration, bending-
Glass problems, etc.
Not everyone is crying for the suction cup pause gadget; that in-
Flight scenes may not have universal appeal.
But you\'ll be lucky if the idea is attractive to you: iFlyPad is good --
Compact design, very safe.
I cheered when Apple invented the magnetic MagSafe connector for its laptop power cord.
As I wrote last year, Apple found the right balance between attachment and detachment.
Strong enough to hold the connector in place, weak enough to separate if the connector is pulled, so your laptop won\'t hit the floor.
But last year, I booed when Apple replaced the MagSafe connector with a thinner, weaker connector.
Now, the power cord keeps falling off at a slight contact or wrong angle.
If there is no problem with your laptop, it may be because you always use the laptop on your desk.
If you try to use it on your leg (
Yes, some people use laptops in the circle)
Give up all hope
If it swipes your legs or you lean over and grab something, the power cord will fall off.
I despise this thing.
I found a ridiculous one.
Solution that looks very effective: MagStay 2 ($20).
This is a plastic white clip perfectly designed to keep the connector in place.
The word is right because there are no hinges or springs.
It\'s more of a slotted wedge that holds firmly to the left edge of the MacBook Pro or Air.
Connect the metal end of the MagSafe power cord to the laptop through the middle tunnel.
A hole in the top surface of the Magstay allows you to see the indicator light of the connector, so you can still see if it is powered on.
A huge yank will still cut the wire, but the connector will never come out of simple thigh pressure or contactto-the-
Side pressure or lift-up-the-laptop-to-look-for-your-
Glasses pressure.
In short, it solves the problem of MagSafe 2. (
It was designed for Retina MacBook Pro.
It also works well on my MacBook Air, but the company says it will soon provide a model that is more suitable for Air. )
You can\'t turn off your laptop while MagStay is in place, which is a huge drag.
In fact, what you should do is separate the magnetic rod, remove the wire, reverse the magnetic rod, re-pass the wire, turn off the laptop, and then reconnect;
The larger opening of MagStay now holds firmly on the closed laptop, just as it used to hold on to the lower half.
This is too much trouble;
When I want to turn off my laptop, I just slide magstell off the white power cord and let it go completely. (
Few complain that the MagSafe connector comes off itself when the laptop sits on the bedside table and charges. )
Really, it\'s really a shame that in order to keep these premium laptop s power cords connected, $20 Glory clothing is needed.
But MagStay is definitely better than some of my previous suggestions that include adhesive tape and super glue.
This is the most useful piece of plastic I have added to my Arsenal for a long time.
Since 2000, David Boger\'s technical column has appeared on The Times four times a week.
He wrote The Times every week.
The email column \"from David Boger\'s desk\" produced a short, fun Web video for The New York Times.
Com, and post the entry to his time blog.
In his other life, David was an Emmy winner.
CBS News\'s winning reporter, NPR\'s regular contributor to The Morning Edition, creator of the missing Handbook series of computer books, and father of three children.
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