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Do You Know What an eReader is?

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-15
An eReader is basically a small handheld device that is used primarily for reading eBooks. Through these devices you can read a variety of mediums, such as magazines, newspapers, word documents and PDF files. Depending primarily on the brand and model you invest in, the data is either downloaded wirelessly or transferred using a USB cable. With the touch of a button it's possible for you to turn the page, make notations, highlight passages and mark your position. Reading glasses are no longer a necessity as it's possible for you to change the font size to suit your needs. These devices are relatively small, and weight as much as your average paperback. You can carry your eReader around with over 200 eBooks stored in it, and even more if you decide to upgrade its memory capacity. There are so many companies out there that are joining the show by creating their own versions of eReaders, but of all the different eReaders out there, two in particular stand out amongst the rest, they are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader. They are fairly similar with two key features being their only real defining points. The Sony Reader has been around for a considerable length of time. In order for you to put your documents in it, you will need to use a USB cable or flash drive. It also cost less than the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle has also been around for some time now. When it first hit the market it sold out almost immediately. Although it's also possible for you to transfer data to it via a USB connection, it's not a necessity, as you can transfer eBooks to it via a wireless connection. This wireless connection also enables you to access an online bookstore that you can buy eBooks from. The Kindle costs more than the Sony Reader, but for good reason, as it's a more portable device. The main advantage to having an eReader is that you are able to read whenever you want, and without having to carry large stacks of magazines or books around with you. You can save all your favourite eBooks on the eReader and bring it along with you while on vacation, reading your books during your long plane flight. The future looks promising with devices like this in the market. Imagine the possibilities, paperless textbooks for students. Books digitally downloaded to a computer as and when the student enters the classroom. The amount of money that can be saved from these devices justifies its existence.
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