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Do You Know The World's First MP3 Player?

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-15
MP3 player is actually a small computer, which has its particular function. In the fuselage of a MP3-Player, there is an MP3 player storage (memory card), an MP3 player displays (LCD), MP3-Player central processing unit (CPU), we called it MCU (microcontroller) or MP3 decoding DSP (digital signal processor) and everything else. As we expect, MP3-Player is capable of playing pretty-much any type of music file, either with the included cable (USB), which We can use it to connect our computer, import our favorite music to a Hard disk player. In short, MP3 player is the crystallization of the wisdom in this information-based world. However, do you know the world's first MP3 player? The birth of the world's first MP3, it has a little story, the story dates back to the day in March, 1997. South Korea's Samsung, a department manager Mr. Moon, on the way back to Seoul back on the plane, watching a passenger beside him and finding that he are listening to the MD(mini disk). Mr. Moon immediately get inspired: if MP3 music files on the computer can easy and direct play the music with an independent player, it becomes the best music walkman. After back to Korea, he presented it to the President. Unfortunately, Samsung restructured its organizations at the time. None of superior leaders had the time to think about this propose. After six months, the Asian financial crisis happened to Samsung; Mr. Moon was also forced to retire early. After leaving the Samsung Corporation, Mr. Moon entered the Samsung subsidiary Saehan (Korea) as President, and made his ideas into the reality in Saehan Company, and launched the world's first MP3 player-MPMan F10 in 1998. MPMan, take the meaning of MP3 and the walkman. The dimensions of MPMan F10 are 70 x90x16.5 mm, and weights 65g, which is very light. MPMan F10 was developed in order to let users download songs from charging music websites, it's a pity that Saehan company did not have enough strength to make it more widespread, plus MPMan F10 used a extremely expensive flash memory at the time, therefore it was soon lost in battle with the MD. There is no much attention since MPMan F10 was first produced. However, the emergence of MPMan F10 has started the new era of the MP3 market. Now, you know the world's first mass-produced hardware MP3 player was Saehan's MPMan.
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