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determining the right tool for your transcription needs

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-21
My blog has been focusing on getting better by providing different ways through the transcription process. This write-
Up is no different. In this blog;
I have mentioned the two most important dictation tools in the field of transcription at present, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, to show my readers their strength and efficiency.
As we enter the 21 st century, there may be two of the most important tools in the medical transcription domain.
They are digital recorders and phone dictation.
Over time, the debate intensified, as which of the two tools worked best for transcription needs.
You might be thinking now.
Why did I turn my attention from a doctor transcribe into a tool that doctors use to record their interactions with patients.
As I have already discussed in my previous blog, doctors have to record the patient records that they receive insurance from insurance companies.
This is a very important component in which these two tools play a very important role.
Now let me start with the different choices the doctor used to make.
The old tape recorder is very large and fixed. With times;
A handheld recorder was used, followed by a micro and Micro Recorder
Cassette tape recorder
However, there are many restrictions on these tools.
A major portable device can easily lead to the challenge of missing or misplaced places.
Another limitation is that they need to connect with the PC to download the files that are being transcribed.
Now, it\'s not easy to download the files that pop up from the tape and put in the new ones and keep recording. Hence;
A digital recorder with a removable memory card and a memory card connected to a PC needs to be introduced.
This is a huge change.
Today, doctors have two options, as mentioned earlier.
Both options require several factors for optimal use-low ambient or background noise, clear dictation, and knowledge of how to use them.
Now, the digital recorder has a variety of functions of the recorder, such as pause, rewind, and a sliding switch for quick forwarding.
Cheap with buttons instead of sliding switches, it takes quite a while to use them effectively.
The handheld recorder is portable and can be carried with you, which is a great advantage.
Because doctors can dictate notes during the trip when checking patients.
But one limitation of the digital recorder is that dictation needs to be downloaded to the PC via a USB cable or a removable storage disk reader and uploaded to the computer of the transcription officer.
The manufacturer offers different formats, but most of them are highly compressed and easy to download by the transcription staff.
On the other hand,
The telephone dictation system can only be operated by phone or by a fixed phone instead of a mobile phone.
This is done to ensure the quality of the recorded voice.
Because they are not portable;
Doctors cannot use patients when they are examined.
The advantage of this recording system is that once the file is recorded, it will be saved automatically.
No need to upload to the computer;
Then sent to the transcription officer.
The entire file movement is done through a dictation system and is secure.
There is no time delay in uploading files because they are automatically saved in the system.
Ultimately, the best way to decide dictation is the doctor\'s choice.
But doctors who are used to using recorders now use digital recorders because they are similar in dictation style.
Other people who learn to dictate through hospitals
Phone call-
Based on dictation system.
Then there are other people who make decisions based on a more automated system.
In this case, the telephone dictation system can be automatically saved to win the game;
Thus providing embedded security and queuing dictation by transcription immediately after the doctor completes dictation.
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