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dad who whipped boy with usb cord for eating toast too slowly gets probation

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-20
A guy who beat six of him. year-
Radio station CKLW reported on Wednesday that the old son with a charging rope was conditionally discharged from hospital due to the slow eating of toast.
The man was sentenced to Windsor, Ontario.
After three years of probation, Ontario court judge Sharman Bondy said corporal punishment was not the answer to loving parents.
The man, who could not be named to protect his child\'s identity, admitted that he had attacked the boy with weapons in the incident, resulting in his physical injury.
The school authorities discovered the problem in December 2015 and the boy\'s father later admitted to hitting him with a USB charging cord.
Bondi quoted the first one.
Self-blame, guilty plea and rehabilitation efforts for time offenders, including participation in anger management and parenting classes.
The judge said that, as a result, there was no need to go to jail in this case.
The boy\'s mother said his father had a love and good relationship with his son.
Patricia Brown, his lawyer, told CKLW that \"we are very sure that he is moving in the direction of completing his probation and that he will complete his probation correctly . \".
\"Convictions will not be registered --
He was discharged.
If he finishes his probation successfully
Brown said the family was relieved that these \"dramatic situations\" had now been dealt.
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