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Customized Lanyards Are a Marketing Tool at Your

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-18
Customized lanyards today are a convenient way to get a marketing message out in a complex media world while providing a useful item that's easy to use. Lanyards are practical versatile and affordable, making them more popular than ever. The lanyard originally was a rope used to secure something on a ship. By the late 1800s, the term came to describe a piece of fabric or cord used to secure a whistle, knife or other item to a sailor or soldier's uniform. Lanyards today are popular because they are a handy way to meet security needs. Many companies and organizations now require their employees to show visible I.D. cards or key cards at all times while at work. Customized lanyards provide a convenient way to carry the I.D., making it easy to see who legitimately has business in an organization and who doesn't. Customized lanyards offer organizations a chance to showcase their name, message or logo in a low-key way that customers will notice. Rather than a blank lanyard, a customized one is more stylish and something employees are more likely to appreciate. Lanyards are versatile devices that can be used for more things than just holding I.D. cards. It's possible to order customized lanyards that can hold cell phones, drink bottles and USB drives, among other things. Lanyards materials are varied, and each type is best suited for specific situations. Polyester is the most popular material for customized lanyards, offering a good balance between performance and cost. Silk screened onto the polyester, the desired custom message will be easily visible. Nylon lanyards offer the highest quality, with the smoothest finish and highest brightness of any lanyard material. Nylon is ideal for reproducing intricate images. Tubular lanyards are the most economical option. The desired custom message is silk screened onto tube-stitched polyester, a material similar to a shoelace. Woven lanyards offer very high quality for simple messages. They use the same high-quality material as polyester lanyards, but instead of silk screening, design and text are woven with thread into the lanyard, a process similar to embroidery. Woven lanyards look great with a relatively simple message, but more intricate designs will not be legible with this customized lanyard type.
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