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Customer recognition, is our production power cable

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-04
Do business all know that the customer is our food and clothing parents, send us the salary is not own company, but our customers, but why do we have to say it's customers make our food and clothing parents? I how much I don't think so, you know. The industry also is same also, we make the wires, only to get customer recognition, is our production power cable. < / p > of course, it depends on an energetic, solidarity, forge ahead, dare to fight a team. Three consecutive years has won 'advanced enterprises' title. Shun cinda and solidarity, pragmatic, efficient, brave in exploitation, have very strong learning ability and cohesive force. From the leadership to junior staff always carry out a word: that's achievement on customer is itself. < / p > < / p > has an electronics company in dongguan, in our website to know our products, then contact us and said, take a fancy to a fashion cable want to order some first, if the good can be a long-term cooperation, because before the manufacturer because they always feel some details are not satisfied, our communication is smooth, the guest took samples and testing various aspects is accord with the requirement of his, have confidence in our company, we are according to customer's request to proofing, after repeated communication test, customers are very satisfied with, first order 5000 cable immediately, because the early don't know how sales, customer need time to promote, for so much. We meet singles from samples to customized test again, the last shipment time is about 10 days, they check the goods is quite satisfied. < / p > after a month, said his company's purchasing order 20 k, let to stock up, has been selling fast in front of about the same, say think this cable appearance fashion, important is the quality of all meet his requirements, like it very much. In this way, they have hesitation at the beginning, they become our old customers now. < / p > so quality, meet customer requirements, customers for our trust, get customer recognition, we didn't have the power, cable production companies to grow, can we develop better. < / p > suitable cinda have 14 years experience in cable production, specializing in the production of custom data line, the more than 80 brand in the world to provide OEM and ODM services, is China's professional and influential one of cable production and export manufacturers, with complete and scientific quality management system, passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; The national hotline: ( + 86). 0755 29923073, you can also click on online consulting advisory details: < / p > < / p > < p > < / p >
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