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Confirmed that look, this is what I'm looking for cable!

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-23
The external use PVC cable material, need not worry about thread winding, stable output 2. 5 a current, after a full charge automatic power failure, don't have to worry about overcharge phenomenon occurred. Cable made a step ahead of the design, charge need not cases also can directly insert, convenient. < / p> internal structure of the data line is 22 + 28 awg copper core, less current obstacles, charging to fast, with a smart chip, because widely compatible stability of wide voltage charging, it can at the moment of you insert for charging equipment intelligent identification equipment, automatic adaptation is a trickle charging, don't have to worry about charging line can bring damage to the battery. < / p> < / p> I once bought a cable back in the outside, the results back to half a day to find can't transfer data, when the key is to the life. Shun cinda this cable, intelligent charging and transmission in one function, don't have to worry about transport data. < / p> don't buy a decent cable through some twists and turns are not call life. I demand for cable has three, it is has the property of the original, not only can charge also can transmit data, the second is not mobile phones, not all charging treasure is intelligent adapter, by this time there is a root can save a lot of data line, from the source to avoid overshoot, the third is the level of appearance, now young people like nice line, so the data line fashion people's first choice. < / p> < p> < / p>
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