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chevy equinox test drive - the end....

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-22
I \'ve been putting together a list of what really stands out during this two week test drive.
Now that I\'m back in my car, here\'s what I\'m most concerned about in the spring equinox.
Here they do not have a specific order as follows :-
Great on a cold morning: On a cold morning the car will soon warm up!
And the seats in the front row are warm. -Backup camera.
Don\'t run things behind you because with the cameras you can see them. And the back-Start the alarm system.
I almost ran into a pickup truck while we were at the hotel.
Just a few inches away, but the pager saved me.
It\'s really embarrassing to return the car with dents! -
Press the button to open and close the back door.
When I get back in my car, this is probably the thing I miss the most. -No road noise!
The car is quiet even on the highway. -Well-thought-out storage.
The space I put my phone on the dashboard has a rubber surface.
As I walked around the corner, instead of moving my phone, I slid to the other side of the dashboard. Love that. -
Nice big back door and spacious back seat.
This means that even if the children grow up bigger, it will be comfortable. -
Very good gas mileage.
I want to see if I can really get 32 cars on the highway, say if I have made a long trip, but the car is definitely very close to the 22 miles advertised about city driving, this is a very good mileage in my opinion.
This makes it a position.
Show me on other small SUVs. -
Built-in speaker phone with OnStar: press a button and select a pre-programmed number and the car will call it!
You can talk and drive without removing your hands or eyes from the road.
In California, it is illegal to drive with a mobile phone, which is especially great. -Lack of pick-
When speeding up on the highway
I think it\'s my biggest disappointment with the car-not a deal breaker, but I hope it\'s braver. -Child-door-
Locks that can be joined from the driver\'s seat!
So you know how many cars you have to click on one thing on the inside of each door to attract the children\'s door lock (
Lock to prevent door from opening from inside)?
In the spring break, a button on the dashboard starts the lock and it lights up when the child lock is picked up.
I like this, I can lock the door without getting off the bus and see if their door is safe at a glance. -
Auxiliary plug-
My iPhone.
Use the USB cable that comes with the iPhone to charge the phone I can plug into the car (
Storage console in the middle)
It not only charges the phone, but also connects the phone to the entertainment system.
The display actually shows the title of the song or podcast info on my iPhone.
I think it\'s great! -
Fun and lively handling, especially driving wind roads.
This car is F-U -N to drive! -
Last but not least, it is so beautiful!
I feel fashionable no matter where I go.
This is not a boring mother. car minivan.
These two weeks are great, but more importantly, I hope it will help you understand the car and whether it is suitable for your family.
I totally encourage you to go to the dealership for a test drive-maybe come back and tell me what you think!
Thank you for driving with me-fun!
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