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charging smartphone with usb, laptop makes you vulnerable to hackers – kaspersky lab

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-24
Kaspersky\'s experts, curious to determine the data transmitted externally when a smartphone is connected to a PC or Mac for charging, tested some phones running on various versions of Android and iOS operating systems.
After their research, the experts concluded that \"a lot of\" data was transmitted during the \"handshake\" between the two devices.
That is, the introduction process between the device and the laptop it connects.
During this period, the phone shares the device name, manufacturer, type, serial number, firmware information, operating system information, file system/file list, and electronic chip ID.
\"The amount of data sent during the handshake varies from device to host, but each smartphone transmits the same set of basic information. . .
Kaspersky Lab wrote in a statement on Thursday.
Kaspersky went on to point out that this is an \"indirect\" security issue.
\"Now smartphones are almost always with their owners, and the device is a unique identifier for any third party who may be interested in collecting this data for subsequent use.
But if collecting some unique identifiers is everything the attacker can do with a device connected to an unknown computer or a charging device, that\'s not a problem, \"it wrote.
Kaspersky says the laptop is not the only concern for smartphone users.
Kaspersky cited the concept that the phone could be infected with malware, inserting it into a fake charging station-originally proposed at the Black Hat European Conference on 2014-and he said the infection
Guru reported at the time that a fake charging station would only flash damaged boots instead of charging the device.
\"A special set of commands is provided using only ordinary PC and Standard Micro USB cable (so-called AT-commands), [
Kaspersky expert
Be able to re-
Refresh your smartphone and install the root app silently on it.
\"This is equivalent to a full compromise on smartphones, although no malware is used,\" Kaspersky wrote . \".
All in all, Kaspersky researcher Alexey Komarov said it was \"strange to see this after nearly two years of publication of a piece of evidenceof-
The concept shows how smartphones can be infected via USB, and it still works.
He added, \"you don\'t even need to take it seriously --
For this kind of attack, all the information you write can be easily found on the Internet.
Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest labs in the world.
Cyber security companies operating in 200 countries and regions are growing.
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