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charge your phone in 15 minutes: oppo unveils \'world\'s fastest\' gadget for powering mobiles

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-17
Oppo says a new technology can charge smartphones in 15 minutes.
The Chinese company released the prototype called \"Super oooc flash charging\" at the World Mobile conference in Barcelona this week.
The device, known as the \"fastest battery in the world\", is an improvement in the VOOC Flash charging technology designed to be used with Oppo\'s 2500 battery.
Charging with the new system can use micro USB and USB Type-C.
Prototype is a huge development of current technology.
For example, with Apple\'s standard charger, it takes more than two hours for the iPhone 6 s to fully charge.
Oppo says its technology is based on proprietary technology, and the battery, hardware and control software work together to optimize performance. It uses a low-
The voltage pulse charging algorithm and a customized \"super\" 2,500 mAh battery ensure that this fast charging is safe for consumers.
Oppo added that the feature is not suitable for fast chargers from competitors.
It claims that due to the peak temperature caused by fast charging and simultaneous lighting of the screen, it will return to normal slow charging.
Oppo said the system will be released on its upcoming phone, but no other details have been disclosed.
The company currently owns 18 patents for the technology.
Few people have heard of Oppo except China, but the ranking of these local handset manufacturers in the world\'s largest smartphone market is rising. \'[Oppo has]
Neil Marston, a strategic analyst, said the company has overtaken Samsung in China and is trying to catch up with Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple in 2016. Oppo sold 10.
The market share of 8 million smartphones.
According to Strategic Analysis, ranked 5 in the fourth quarter of last year.
R7 smartphones priced at 1,999 yuan ($304)
, Claiming to be a \"selfie expert\" with a bigger screen than the iPhone 6 s and a competitive camera resolution.
Oppo has introduced the latest charging technology, introduced a new micro pocket gadget, becoming the world\'s fastest charger, charging from the tablet to full charging in just five minutes.
According to its manufacturer, ASAP Dash charges 16 times faster than a standard portable charger and has a battery life of up to 4 times. The SuperSpeed charger was invented by Vincent Leo and his colleagues in Sydney.
The capacity of other fast charging chargers is less than 2,000 mAh.
In contrast, ASAP Dash stores 5,000 mAh, which means that a single charge of the device can allow the phone to last for more than 48 hours.
Joe Levi, senior editor of the mobile technology expert website Pocketnow, told the Daily Mail that the language used needs a little explanation.
\"You can charge the portable battery with enough energy and charge the iPhone 5 in just five minutes --
Or charge 3 fees in 15 minutes
What is impressive is that
But it still won\'t charge your iPhone faster than plugging it into the wall.
This means that the ASAP Dash itself can be charged quickly, but it still takes the same amount of time to fully charge.
According to its manufacturer, ASAP Dash charges 16 times faster than the standard portable charger, and the battery life itself can be up to 4 times (
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