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Car Phone: Why They Still Exist

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-22
I was surfing the Net the other day and I have come across this certain mobile phone internet site marketing Car phones. Car phones, back in the days, were a nice add-on to any car proprietor so that they can intercommunicate with a co-worker or loved one while on the go. But, as it seems, numerous people think that car phones are slowly diminishing in terms of its presence in the marketplace. Certain functions of introductory level computers may now be replicated on a mobile phone at this point in time due to certain advancements in technology. A certain sign that mobile phone computers will shortly supercede the regular personal computer that we have at home. Contrary to what most people think, a specific share of the mobile phone industry still belongs to the car phones. The luxury car market is one of the significant areas in which the car phones prospers in and hence makes cars give that luxurious feel. Particular prominent mobile phone makers still acknowledges the importance of tapping into this industry and so still carries on to develop car phone models. A great example of this are Nokia car phones and Motorola car phones. Battery is one matter that one would not encounter on a dedicated car phone. Searching for a place to stop ang charge you mobile phone will never occur when going on long road trips. Although a in-car charger may be bought on an individual basis to allow in-car charging for your mobile phone, taking an extra peripheral for your mobile phone apart from your mobile phone case and regular battery charger is one extra accessory too many. To rectify short battery life, other mobile users procure heavy duty mobile phone battery packs whose overall battery life is longer than regular batteries that come with the mobile phone. However, these kind of batteries still has to be charged at some point therefore still requires the use of various battery chargers for various conditions. Car telephones are still here to make their mark in the mobile phone industry. They may not be as common as high-end mobile smartphones in the market today but they do have its own market to fill. Car telephones will still remain in the mobile market.
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