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Car MP3 Player Market...... Where it is Now!

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-22
Car MP3 player suppliers in China are aggressive with R & D efforts, focusing on an upscale production. For the past some years, competition in this division has strengthen to a spot where numerous smaller companies forced to skip out of their line. Nearly all small plus midsize operations are having testing, QC, repair, packaging, outsource electronic apparatus and delegate mold making, plastic injection and SMT. In contrast, big suppliers fulfill the intact manufacturing process internally. These suppliers also plan to lock patents for designs. They are improving aesthetics by manufacturing models with exclusive constructions. It creates extreme competition with car MP3 player manufactured using ordinary molds. This unit possesses FM transmitter having 87.7 up-to 88.9 MHz frequency range along with 106.7 up-to 107.9 MHz frequency range. It may support 14channels and 16 MB to 4 GB of memory. Additional specifications consist of volume, frequency, repeat all or shuffle play types. Nearly all manufacturers anticipate prices to be stable or decrease even in the upcoming 6 months because of reasonably constant supply of electronics and components. This media player including FM transmitter normally priced $ 2 to $ 30. Midrange models come between $ 7 and $ 15. Bluetooth connectivity, two-color LCD, 4 GB memory and high-end item exceed $ 15. Some models that support SD cards and possess LCD, USB port and 8 GB memory are normally priced $ 20. Regardless of dawdling orders, Europe and U.S will carry on to be line's chief market. However, companies are exploring substitute destinations like Middle East or South America that offer bigger growth opportunities. Guangdong province mainly is the prime Car MP3 Player hub in China due to its strength in manufacture of moveable media players plus vehicle electronics. Moreover, Guangdong possesses an urbanized transportation system, which facilitates delivery and procurement. Some suppliers are situated in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen. Production of Car MP3 Player there gets advantage from an inclusive supply chain, which includes suppliers of accessories, flash memory and cable plus assembly service. So, china is making remarkable advancement in these electronics due to easy availability of cheap items.
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