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can flips headphones double as a party-inducing speaker system?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-04
In a recent Carnival
While watching TV in the evening, I saw a commercial advertisement from a company called \"flip audio\" that had an interesting concept: a set of headphones converted into dance
Just induce the power speaker by flipping the ear cup outward.
At least that\'s what the company\'s video says.
I know we have to get a pair to test.
We found that while flipping does work as headphones and speakers, neither of them really shook our world in both use.
We ordered a flop from Amazon for $120. (
Some online retailers also offer flipping services, including Brookstone and Wal-Mart, which are sold for less than $110. )
If you buy directly from the flip audio site, you can try it outbefore-you-
Purchase allows you to register 30-
Initially only $15 was paid for shipping and processing.
If you don\'t like headphones, just return them and get a refund before the end of the trial period.
Keep them if you like, and you will receive a full bill.
The flip is provided in black or white.
We chose the latter, which has a white headband and a white ear cup, surrounded by a gray mirror \"f\" flip sign with an orange round accent.
The black model has a black headband and an ear cup with lime-
Round Green accent.
The two models have a thin silver strap around each ear cup and a cushion on the underside of the headband.
In addition to headphones and attractive white storage boxes with a red accent, our package comes with a \"Bonus Pack \".
\", It contains several accessories, including cables with microphones, several adapters, and points . .
It\'s not clear if this is a limited-
Time promotion, or everyone can get these accessories by purchasing.
Ear cups can be folded in order to store or travel in boxes.
The headphones we received were attractive, though plastic ears
The Cup shell and headband feel, well, plastic, logo and accent look a bit cheap, especially with some of the more stylish (
Admittedly expensive)on-ear and over-
Headphones in our headphone rating.
The earmuffs have quite comfortable ear pads that provide a good fit and seal on my ears.
The headset is equipped with rechargeable lithium ion batteries;
There is a micro USB port on the left ear cup and the headset is equipped with a USB cable for charging.
You can use flip as headphones if the battery runs out, but they don\'t work as electric speakers.
Find the best models to meet your needs and budget with our headphone purchase guide and rating.
There is a closed, excessive flip
The ear design does a great job of blocking external sounds, and also limits the amount of sound that escapes from the headphones into your environment.
In the lower part of the orange circle in the left ear cup is a small multi-purpose LED light used as a status indicator: if the battery needs to be charged, it flashes blue, and if the battery charges, it emits red, when the battery is fully charged, it will be completely turned off.
Stable blue light means the headset is played in speaker mode when the light is purple-
The blue and red lights are on
It charges and plays in speaker mode.
When no signal is detected, the headset is automatically turned off after six minutes to keep the battery.
Due to the location of the micro USB slot on the earmuffs, I found that I could not wear headphones while the headphones were charging.
Headphones work in normal use as with any other stereo model, but flip two earmuffs outward on the battery
Power amplifier, convert the flip into a set of amplified speakers.
This happens only when the earmuffs are fully rotated, so during the use of the headphones, there is little chance that the AMP will engage, which can damage the ears.
Once the earmuffs are flipped in place for the headset to use, the amplifier is turned off.
This worked very well in a few days of testing.
We tested the flip as headphones and portable power speakers.
Unfortunately, this is where we are disappointed with the flip transfer, as sound is fair in every type of use: they are not great headphones, nor are they great speakers.
As a headset test, the overall sound is dynamically turned off by compression.
The Bass had a good effect but it was muddy and didn\'t go deep.
The middle sound is very low. and upper-
The treble is very detached and the bass treble is very hot.
The sensitivity of the headphones is medium, so they should provide a satisfactory volume in addition to the lowest headphones
Portable audio equipment.
As a portable speaker, perhaps the biggest problem is that when the volume is raised to a larger level, the flip starts to twist significantly, and when we turn the volume off, the flip becomes smaller.
In speaker mode, the lower half of the bass is very low, and the overall impact of the bass is very small.
The middle sound is harsh, there is an obvious plastic resonance, the treble is hissing, and the upper treble is rolled down.
The overall sound did not have good details and it sounded crowded and we found that it did not restore the atmosphere of the room (
The feeling of sound space for recording)very well.
Also, if we were more than 4 feet away from the speaker, stereo imaging would have gone --
It\'s not surprising considering that the speakers are only about 6 inch apart, even though they are tilted outward.
As speakers, we believe that flipping is best suited for close-up listening, as flipping provides a satisfactory volume even in smaller rooms.
Maybe the company is aware of this: the first ad I saw was a person walking into a party and flipping the headphones out to rock the whole room.
But the current business model is elevator.
Are we a little too hard on flipping?
Not really, certainly not more than any other headset or speaker we tested.
Frankly, we didn\'t expect them to be great portable speakers given their size and power.
But we were disappointed that they didn\'t perform as well as headphones, especially with dozens of lower ones.
We offer pricing models with better sound quality in our rating.
This is not to say that we do not applaud the concept.
We are not a fan of execution.
This is not to say that you may not be able to find their use.
There was a weekend when I was checking the headphones at home, I tried to learn the guitar part for the upcoming band rehearsal.
Be able to listen to the song through the headphones and then flip the earmuffs so I can hear the song and my guitar at the same time through the guitar amp.
You may find some of your own uses in which the convenience of having this feature exceeds the limited sound quality of headphones and speakers.
In my career as a reviewer, I \'ve found that products that try to do more than one thing don\'t do well in anything.
Unfortunately, this is our experience of turning over.
If the company decides to go ahead with this concept, we hope that the next generation flip will at least provide better sound quality when used as a headset.
Then, the function of the speaker will be icing on the cake-
We may dance. —James K.
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