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Cable Type - C interface is becoming a standard?

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-29
< p > the rapid development of the Internet age, making online transmission mode is becoming more and more simple, convenient, such as mobile phones don't need to count < / p > < p > according to the line, you can use online tools, light transport document data. In this case, USB cable, or will be faced with abandon < / p > < p > the embarrassing situation. < / p > USB cable, relative to mobile phones, it is only a fraction of, occupy the main position is not. < p > but at some critical moments, such as mobile phone charging, transmit data, the existence of the USB cable can often be essential. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > according to the current use situation, in the short term, because the USB cable on security advantage, so will not be eliminated. < / p > < p > the change of the USB cable is often TaoTaiShi in order to adapt to market competition, who can in design, research and development to a certain into the < / p > < p > step, then it is easy to occupy more market share. USB cable, however, is not without a sense of crisis. < / p > < p > still, but the Micro USB plug cable is facing the trend of upgrading, the Micro USB plug in the current market < / p > < p > share is very high, many android phones before all use this kind of interface. < / p > < p > however, with the development of era, the Type - C interface cable also began in the digital products have gradually become the trend of the standard. Special < / p > < p > is a Type - Coming out C interface standard, USB cable industry will enter a change again, whether the new standard can be unified cable line < / p > < p > industry, concrete depends on consumers to reflect, if consumers like, that mobile phone vendors will do support in the launch of new models. < / p > so, as the change of the market, as consumers, you need to deliberate the selection process? < p > < / p >
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