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Business of Mobile Accessories Manufacturing And

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-24
Themselves as brands; some were for the riches only like Apple and HTC, other catered to both the rich and the middle class. With sudden spurt of the mobiles flooding in the market there also increased the demand of its accessiories.Thus Indian ingenues entrepreneurs put their first step towards becoming Mobile accessories manufacturer. The market was abounding of brands and it became difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake. Among problems we found opportunities to tap into the market. So the seeds sowed into the wireless revolution now paid the dividend and the market is growing at phenomenal rate. The main gainer was the mobile charger manufacturer who tapped into the demand of a cheap and reliable charger, since chargers were very expensive and consumers were not willing to pay the exorbitant price, it paved a way to the small manufacturers that capitalize on the now cost components and labor advantage. India is adverse and rather large market that is fragmented into many buyers ,the reason is the different variety of consumers with different budgets that fits into different categories for companies of international stature it is difficult to penetrate into this heterogeneous market and compete with local players . The business of mobile phone related manufacturing is very small scale based, most of the vendors are usually manufacturers that assemble the various parts and then put in together and brand it as their own. Since value proposition is so important in the market the edge is available to those manufacturers that provide both the quality and durability. The market is into the saturation point at this stage since many of the companies that entered into this market has rather a very small pie if the whole market share, which does not allow them to have any considerable edge, therefore it is important to rationalize the prices along with make it practical to sustain that price point. Usually companies that enter into the market keep the prices but when they reach to a stage that consumers are able to recognize their product they capitalize to this advantage. The future of this industry belongs to those entities' that can see were others can't ,since chargers are now becoming universal and a single brand charger can be used to multiple mobiles, it will at one point become unfeasible for expansion. The opportunity rather lies in the field that is not tapped in the local market till date and the opportunity in the charging source or the battery. Sooner or later the company that will survive and flourish in this market is the company that can become the best mobile battery manufacturer, the reason being that so far this field is dominated by either the branded quality driven multinationals or the cheap unreliable chemise counterpart. The company that will gain the most will be the one who will get both the things right he price and the quality.
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