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Brief Introduction on Food Package Sterilization

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-25
With the quick development of package food production, sterilization technologies like energy saving, security, reliability, good effect and low cost are explored and applied successively, greatly improving package food production and development. Radiation Sterilization Technology Radiation sterilization can be divided into radiation complete sterilization and radiation disinfection sterilization. At present, there are more than 20 countries in the world are approved to apply radiation sterilization food in human eating, such as chicken, pork meat, fresh fish, mushroom, spices, tomato, rice, onion, wheat and etc. Radiation food is secure and reliable. After global countries experts over 40 years practice demonstration, radiation food is never discovered radiation material residue and keeps original quality, flavor, taste. In America, radiation food has been brought into outer space, it's demonstrated harmless to human body after spacemen eat it. Radiation food long preservation period has the advantage of keeping fresh for several years after one time radiation, which not only kills bacteria but inhabits and delays food metabolism life activities thus to eliminate food degeneration source. Radiation food can reduce much energy. Any food applied radiation method can fulfill storage just by using common package, reducing much tin making, refrigeration material and energy. Ultraviolent Ray Radiation Ultraviolent Ray radiation means to take use of UV to kill target microorganism DNA, prompting it to cause chemistry and form pyrimidine dimer content so as to destroy genetic factor and loose propagation capability or die. The powerful UV lamps researched and produced by many countries have strong illumination mighty. They are UV equipment of high personality and secure effective to package material sterilization. Normally, UV sterilization equipment is divided into UV solid sterilizer and uv water sterilization according to different sterilization forms. Automatic self cleaning filter doesn't need or only needs a little microbicides and preservation such as heating process and filtering sterilization which has many advantages like energy saving, low cost, convenient maintenance, secure, reliable and don't damage food odor and luster. They are widely applied. America successively explored series of the products and UV lamp has been practical with radiation been decades of times larger than past. UV sterilization has better effect matching with processing methods like heating, hydrogen peroxide, hot critic acid solution, ethanol and ultrasonic. Microwave Sterilization Microwave sterilization uses microwave to make water molecules vibrate, taking advantage of molecules friction heat to sterilize. Its characteristic is to use plastic package material for food of bad thermal conduction or easily decrease quality after heating. It heats killing bacteria in food center in short period and well prevents second pollution. The former Soviet Union package bread can keep fresh and sweet for three weeks after microwave sterilization. Microwave sterilization only fits for non-heat endurable microbial like mould, yeast, Escherichia coli. It hasn't much effect for microbial attached on food back, low water containing food and non-water small induction plastic or glasses for lack of fully temperature enhancement. Microwave heating has oven and pipe two types. The latter is applied in processing liquid. Liquid is heated when flowing across glasses leaning in pipe. Non-bacteria package technology is a type of long time storage technology after sealing. It is to fill the non-bacteria food after sterilization and cooling into vessel after sterilization in advance in the condition of non-bacteria. In recent decade years, non-bacteria tinning has developed from liquid to solid, package material pushed from mental tin to package material. Non-bacteria package technology got rapid development in many countries of Europe, America and Japan, widely applied in processing food of dairy, juice, pudding and meat. During non-bacteria process, it requires the whole operation include workshop, working machine and air except for package material and package food sterilization to be clear and non-bacteria, realizing microwave controlling manufacture and circulation completely. Non-bacteria package has many other advantages like manufacturing flavor, composition luster change, nutrients lose and protein denaturation. Non-bacteria has low requirement on package vessel intension and can be made from material of paper plate, plastic and aluminum. The vessel cost is low, weight is light, hasn't mental dissolution phenomenon. It's simply disposable and discarded after use. 70% of American drinking milk use paper package. Non-bacteria also has the advantages of energy saving and bulky production.
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