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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Case for Long Time Using

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-26
The battery Samsung Galaxy S3 case is to be given an added boost as mophie releases the new Samsung Galaxy S3 mophie juice package, a case that can dual the handset's energy supplies. Having become symbolic of a range of battery power boosting iPhone cases, power package developing equipment specialist mophie has verified the launch of its first Android operating system system compatible add-on with the Galaxy S3 mophie juice pack, a system that both provides protection and can extend discuss times by up to 9 time. Doubling the handset's lifestyle cycle of battery power on a single cost, the mophie juice package for the new Galaxy S3 serves a standard battery power within a slim line case that will help guard the iPhone 5 falling system from unwanted scrapes and drops. 'We are motivated to engineer new battery power solutions for both the Apple and Android operating system areas,' said Ross Howe, mophie's Vice President of Marketing. 'We're excited to encourage Galaxy S III customers to do more with their system without having to worry about running out of battery power or having to take a time-out to renew at a wall plug.' Features Playing variety to its own 2300mAh standard battery power, the Samsung S3 mophie pack provides a 100 per cent increase on the handset's own incorporated battery power, enabling customers to enjoy an extra 9 time of talk-time. For those intent on using the 'smart' aspects of their New Samsung labeled smart phone, the latest mophie providing can provide an extra 32 time of audio play-back, 11 time of internet use or 8 time of video intake. Offering a cushty and secure fit to new Samsung Galaxy S3 system, the new mophie juice package features a low profile design with an Ease-A pass-through USB cord enabling customers to renew both the product and case without needing to remove the safety layer. Featuring a 4 LED battery power status signal, the new mophie juice package variety on-demand cost functions letting customers personally determine when the case's battery power supplies are put to good use. Release Date and Price Available now, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 mophie case is far from the cheapest system equipment on the market. Thanks to the case and system enhancing battery power incorporation, a new Samsung S3 mophie juice package cost has been set at 79.95. Are you a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, would you pay almost 80 to extend your handset's battery power life? Let us know via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook nourishes or through the comments boxes below.
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