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Best iPad PDF Readers

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-26
For sure you may have encountered iBooks and have taken advantage of it for your Portable Document Format files. The Apple app is a wonder all its own, though certain quirks do exist. However, other PDF readers have also taken the front seat and to a large extent their claim of superiority over iBooks may not be unfounded. Adobe Reader has a new version molded especially for iPad. Now for all those Adobe Reader fans who have been used to reading Portable Document Format files using the app, this one could be the best choice for you. Connecting this to Dropbox gives you instant access to your stored data, great for sharing across a plethora of other devices. Moreover, this PDF reader supports about 20 languages. Stanza is one of the more famous e-readers available for PDF files. With a specialized version for iPad, Stanza treats Portable Document Format pages like peanuts, giving you hyper-fast results. And if a new unintelligible word stops you in your e-reading stint, worry no more as this PDF reader has an integrated dictionary - right where you need it. CloudReader will also dazzle you as a reader. The app has a close running of becoming the best imitation for reading paper-based books with its side-by-side display of two PDF pages. And with a USB cable, Portable Document Format files can be transferred to CloudReader directly. Speed-wise, this app does not disappoint as PDF file rendering is ultra-fast. PDFStorm is a pro. Many users who have tried PDFStorm are amazed by its professional feel as a Reader made especially for iPad and other iOS devices. For instance, getting a hold of your files are a breeze. For instance, whether you are uploading Portable Document Format files over Wi-fi or just adding bookmarks, you will be surprised at how fast this app can do your bidding. The PDF reading experience can be greatly enhanced with these e-readers available. However, if your files have been scanned you might want to try the magic of Wondershare, a PDF Editor Pro specifically for Mac. This transforms your scanned file into a searchable PDF, ready for immediate transfer to your device for your e-reading pleasure. Now, get your best iPad keyboard case as the best way to know how good these PDF readers for your iPad is to do the actual e-reading using them. E-read on.
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