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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-27
Electronic Cigarettes or 'E-Cigs' as they are commonly known as, are the recent trend. Used as a substitute for tobacco smoking, Electronic Cigarettes are considered to be safer than the usual cigarettes. With several Electronic cigarettes Brands in the market, choosing the best one is quite a task. Just so you know there are only a fistful number of E-cigs manufacturers in the world, which means that almost all brands are selling the same model, but with minor differences. The best brands are known to have the best quality in terms of safety standards and long life batteries and cartridges. We have prepared for you, below, a list of the top 3 best selling E-Cigs brands in the market. Read our reviews before spending you greens on the right one! 1. V2Cigs Having been in the market for around 7 years, the V2 Cigs have bagged the top position in our list of the top 3 best Electronic Cigarettes brands. 2. Halo Known as an Innovator in the E-Cigs world, the Halo offers its customers a tar free smoking experience wherever they go. The ingredients are those that are approved by the FDA and FEMA, so that the outcome is high in quality. 3. Green Smoke The presentation box of Green Smoke gives a very natural and healthy feel to it. But it's their excellent vamping experience that has enabled it to be in our list of top 3 E-Cigs brands.
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