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Best Car Rentals in Los Angeles

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-27
Transportation in today's date has become a major concern for one and all; the rising prices are the sole reason to make bigger holes in the pocket. Not only the common man but, also the transport firms have also become aware about it. Driving an expensive car makes a huge impact on the budget and overall expenses of a monthly budget. Renting vehicles is an ongoing tradition which has geared up to a higher level in the recent times; the reason is not only the rising prices of fuel but also tourist attractions. According to Tribune Business News, in 2005, more than 24.9 million tourists visited Los Angeles, making it one of the most visited places of all, worldwide. This number has increased surprisingly by 4.2% and is still continuing to grow. The cost of enjoying a trip to LA has increased multifold, up till $15.2 billion. The growth of this industry is quite impressive and has made it to the elite status, making Los Angeles as one of the most preferred destinations in the world. This has not only increased the revenue of the hospitality industry but, also give LA an exclusive status in the world. In order to completely enjoy the trip, tourists should make an estimate of their budget beforehand, this will help them not only to understand what kind of prices they will like to opt for, in fact this will be a major source of relief to them when they reach to LA. Car rental or hire is also one of the major concerns which need to be taken care off beforehand; tourists can fully enjoy their trip rather than worrying about the costs for leisure. There are numerous cars which are available for hire or rental purposes. Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Ford Focus, Lincoln Town Car, Mustang, Smart Coupe, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius and Toyota Sienna are some of the best standard cars available. There have been positive reviews for Avon Rentals by many esteemed customers who had a time of their life, by getting related to Avon car hire system. Stacy, a film producer, gave a nice review about the services provided to her. 'I am the producer of an indie film called Best Friends Forever. Any one who works in production knows, 'fires' are going to start from time to time and a lot of my job is making sure I can do my best to put these fires out in a timely fashion or prevent them from happening in the first place. That's where Avon came into play... Not only did they save the day by getting us a top notch grip truck (cube truck) that was at a better rate than Galpin, they also provided us with the picture car when our original picture car fell apart, literally.' Another review came from Matthew F, one of the customers of Avon rents. 'These guys are great. I needed to rent a 10' truck to move some things, and priced out U-Haul, Budget, and Ryder as well. What I really loved about it was the service though. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and there was none of this 'I need to talk to a manager BS.' Whoever picked up the phone was ready, willing, and actually able to help. They all communicated clearly and effectively. There was no red tape or inflexible rules. The whole thing was just incredibly easy. And there was no waiting in line at all, unlike every other rental car agency I've been to. Oh, and also not a single person tried to up sell me on anything. Oh, and the guy who gave me the truck told me that while they charge of course for any damage that you do, 'Don't worry about small scratches,' he said. 'Scratches happen. We don't care about scratches.' With all such reviews, we feel Avon Rentals will give its customers the best time possible.
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