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best buy yanks hp chromebook 11 from store shelves

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-25
Hewlett-Packard and Google said on Wednesday that retailers were asked to stop selling Hewlett-Packard Chromebook 11 due to overheating of the charger.
Both Google and Whipple said they were \"suspending sales of laptops\" after receiving reports from a small number of users that some of the Chargers that came with the device were damaged due to overheating during use \".
\"These companies are working with the Consumer Product Safety Board to determine the next step, but in the meantime, owners of HP Chromebook 11 should stop using the charger that comes with the laptop.
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For example, a USB charger with a tablet or smartphone.
\"We apologize for the inconvenience,\" Google and HP wrote in a statement.
This statement is a response to media inquiries about why retailers responsible for selling HP Chromebook 11 stopped carrying laptops without explanation.
A scan of Best Buy websites and Amazon.
Com showed Wednesday that the product is no longer available.
According to the Verge, Best Buy also urgently removed HP Chromebook 11 from the store.
Unnamed Best Buy sources told the Verge that the store manager was ordered through an internal memo to \"immediately\" stop selling laptops worth $279 and remove any from the shelves
HP and Google launched the laptop in October and have partnered with Best Buy and Amazon to sell in the US.
Although Best Buy has completely removed the list from its online store, Amazon only stopped selling directly. Amazon\'s third-
Party sellers still have some listings.
HP also removed the list from its website.
The article was originally on CNET.
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