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Best budget tech items for the holiday

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-03
Cnet rating: 5 out of 5 stars good: Second-For a generation, the cost of the mini Echo Dot smart speaker is almost half the cost of the first smart speaker, and it is more suitable to hear your voice.This is also the only Echo product you can connect to your existing audio settings.Bad: The Echo product still can\'t provide audio that syncs across devices in more than one room.Cost: $50 bottom line: New and improved Dot takes the best of Amazon-in-First Class smart home speaker and package it in an ultraAffordable package.Cnet rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars are good: Roku can get more TV shows and movies in 4 k and HDR than most competitors.Compared to other 4 k streaming from Roku, it\'s more cost effective and, unlike Chromecast Ultra, it actually includes a remote (and Amazon Video app ).Roku\'s system offers more apps, better searches and more customization than others.Bad news: content in 4 k and HDR is still not common and your hdr TV may already have compatible apps.Unlike some TVs, Dolby is not compatible with Dolby visual HDR.There is no voice function on the remote control.Some application interfaces are not as elegant as their competitor\'s devices.Cost: $98 bottom line: for 4 k hdr TV owners tired of using built-in featuresRoku is the first choice among smart TV apps.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 is good: Amazon has improved on its excellent e-commerceA sharper, higher readerResolution screen in Kindle voice.Amazon is already the best with some new features enhanced --in-class content.The built-It\'s not as good in light as it was in sailing, but it works very well.The bad thing is: the HD screen is an upgrade, but there is not much difference;AC adapter is not included (just a microUSB cable for charging ).The ad-The free version also costs $20.Cost: $100 to $150 bottom line: Kindle Paperwhite has an HD screen and while it\'s not as big as you think it is, it\'s a welcome addition to step-by-step improving the reading experience.Cnet rating: 4 out of 5 is good: Roll 2 is a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker with unique design, very good size and good battery life.It has an integrated bungee cord and an attached inflatable life ring that allows it to float in the water.The new version has a better wireless range and more sound to play.The bad thing is: it does not have speaker function.Cost: Bottom line from $95 to $100: while it doesn\'t look like it\'s a better speaker than the original upgrade, UE Roll 2, apparently one of the top mini bluetooth speakers on the market.
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