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belkin wemo maker bring app control to diy smarthome projects

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-01
WeMo MakerSource: supply WeMo MakerBelkin/4/5/$149. 95 / belkin. com.
The beauty of Belkin\'s WeMo switch is that it makes creating your own smarthome as simple as plug-and-play.
But the clever thing about Maker is that for those who want to patch toys, it goes beyond simplicity.
Usually for gadgets, \"What can you do with it?
Led to a clear response.
For Maker, the answer is \"what do you want to do with it \".
In short, you connect it to a low voltage device so that you can control it through the WeMo app and through motion sensors or IFTTT (
If so)recipes.
How did you use it?
For most of us, the typical starting point is the low voltage equipment you usually install at home, such as irrigation systems or garden lights.
Other early adopters go further through the app --
The control garage door is popular, and an avid homeowner pairs it with motion sensors, meaning his garden hose will spray unwanted animals on the deck.
Using the WeMo app means you can control the device even if you are not at home.
IFTTT can be used (
If so)
Add a level of complexity to your rules.
To set it up, you can connect the wires of what you want to control to the manufacturer, a simple box powered by a micro USB.
For some, WeMo Maker will be a step too far from complexity.
It opens up the world of an app
The possibility of controllable
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