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audio technica ath-ar3bt review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-13
Over the years, Audio ica has introduced different types of headphones and headphones at different prices.
Today, we will review audio technology.
Wireless headset AR3BT.
The products were launched in India in last October at a price of Rs 13,990.
The audio technology company says its AR series brings high audio quality
Upgrade the MSR7 and SR series to a more affordable price point, ATH-
AR3BT proves that the price required for our testing and discovery of it is reasonable.
Audio Technology has designed a simple design for AR3BT.
It is high
Good quality plastic, strong feeling.
The adjustable headband has a soft lining inside.
The earmuffs are made of plastic with Audio Technica logo on them.
The Left Ear Cup also has a small NFC logo that tells you where you need to click on your phone when using NFC pairing.
These earmuffs can be rotated to make sure they fit right on your ears and can also be folded inward for easy storage.
There are L and R marks on the headband that guide you to put the headphones in the right place.
The soft padding on the ear cups makes them sit comfortably on your ears.
A cup on the right has a power switch, a cup on the left has a volume slider, a microUSB port, a 3.
5mm input and LED light.
The volume slider is clickable and can be used to play/pause or accept/reject calls while pushing it to both sides and staying there changes the track.
We commented that the slider on the unit was broken and we were unable to reduce the volume and jump to the previous track.
We did not receive the retail box from our review department, but we did receive the Micro
USB cable and stereo cable with 3.
5mm plugs connected to the audio source.
The headset is rather light and weighs 190g.
In general, ATH-
AR3BT feels good and we don\'t hear any creaking when using or storing it.
In terms of specifications, ATH-
AR3BT uses 40mm drives covering from 5Hz-35,000Hz.
The impedance is 41 ohms, which means it requires powerful hardware to drive it using a stereo cable.
In Bluetooth mode, there is a lithium polymer battery for power supply, but the audio technology company has not announced the battery capacity yet.
The company claims a standby time of 1000 hours and a continuous playback time of 30 hours.
In addition, there is Bluetooth 4.
1 supports aptX audio codec for AAC, SBC and Qualcomm.
We use these with one plus 5 (Review)
, Stream audio using aptX. The ATH-
AR3BT is comfortable to wear and does not cause too much fatigue when it is light in weight.
Once the band is adjusted properly, it will clamp your ears with just the right amount of power to keep you from moving around.
The ear pads ensure a good seal and we find that the noise around them is filtered out to some extent.
Sound leaks are also low when playing music.
However, after listening to something for more than 40 minutes, our ears feel warm.
Audio ica recommends that you wear ATH-
When setting AR3BT in Bluetooth mode, in order to hear the audio prompt.
When you turn it on for the first time, it goes into Bluetooth pairing mode.
A slow beep
The flashing LED indicates that it has been paired successfully.
You can also use the stereo cable with any source with 3. 5mm output.
This completely disabled the Bluetooth feature and the buttons on the earmuffs become useless.
These headphones lack the active noise cancellation feature, a feature in Sennheiser bt4.
5 in the same price range, there are also cheaper options such as Infinix Quiet X.
The AR3BT headset has a very neutral sound output and is not tuned to enhance any specific part of the frequency range.
So when playing songs with a lot of bass, you get very little distorted headphones, or a harsh sound when playing a solo instrument.
The importance of bass, mid and treble is the same, and we rarely feel that the sound output is muddy.
While listening to Wolfmother\'s \"clown\" and \"thief\", we can clearly divide the guitar, hi-
Hats, synth and drums at the beginning of the song.
When streaming lights up the main Lazer on Amazon Music, ar3bt offers clean bass without any distortion.
We played with Santana for one night and the headphones were handled well with no distorted treble.
Audio quality of overall audio technology-
The AR3BT is impressive and people who like neutral sounds will love it very much.
Battery life is where these Technica headsets score higher.
The company claims 1000 hours of standby time and 30 hours of continuous audio playback.
While we didn\'t test the standby time, we did manage to play audio for about 28 hours in a row.
This means that if you listen to music for an hour on a daily commute, you can go for almost a month before you need to find the charger. When the ATH-
AR3BTruns is dead and you need to plug it in for five hours to fully charge.
VerdictAudio Technica has achieved a good balance at this price point. The ATH-
The structure of AR3BT is very good and the sound is neutral.
Yes, it missed the positive noise elimination, but a lot of people will forgive it.
The battery life is impressive and you can get a lot of continuous playback time.
Availability now seems to be a problem as we can\'t find this pair of headphones on the leading e-commerce platform
Business website.
If you can really get the ATH-
AR3BT, pick it up-
You won\'t be disappointed.
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