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asus rog phone review: gaming phone offers a brilliant audio-visual experience

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-19
The video is smooth, the audio is smooth, I chose the best phone in the media in my list, the reason why it does so well in this category is because it is a phone designed for players.
ROG phones are developed under the brand of Asus gamers Republic PC series with impressive 6-inch AMOLED (2,160×1,080)10-
Multi-Touch display with rich colors and vibrant appearance.
The refresh rate of HDR display is 90Hz (
Instead of the standard 60 hz)
The response time is 1 MS.
This means that it redraws the visuals on the screen faster than many competitor\'s phones and responds to your actions.
So not only does it provide a better gaming experience, but overall, even with higher resolution, the video looks smoother than the video.
It also has double front
Speaker facing, with smart amplifier, hi-res 192kHz/24-
Bit audio and DTSX virtual 7. 1-
Surround Sound.
The audio was amazing.
I hardly noticed any distortion even at startup.
From the speaker of the phone alone, the sound is enough to fill a small room.
The design of this phone is reminiscent of a gaming laptop. The 158. 83mm x 76. 16mm x 8.
The 65mm black device has a partially raised etched back that shows the angle sign of the department.
It looks a bit bulky, 200g, it\'s a bit heavy as the smartphone goes, but it\'s solid and easy to grip.
Run on Android 8. 1 (Oreo)
, ROG Phone use 2.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-95 GHz
Core processor, 8 gb RAM and 4,000 mAh battery to help improve performance
Terminal mobile games such as Fortnite, PUBG mobile or Scrabble ().
One of the key features of the ROG Phone is three programmable AirTriggers (
Two horizontal modes, one vertical mode)
And advanced touch (
Vibration feedback).
AirTriggers is a configurable sensor that can be activated with just a touch.
Portrait mode allows you to perform tasks or launch applications by squeezing your phone, while landscape triggers are for games.
You basically have two extra buttons that you can assign to actions such as shooting, jumping, accessing your inventory, etc.
, Gives you an advantage over other online players.
Of course, some people may call it deception, but you can think of it more as intelligence.
There are a bunch of accessories if you really want to upgrade your game.
The phone comes with an air cooler, which is an external four-
Speed fan to clip the fan and reduce its temperature by 4 °c.
7 °C but you have to buy something more interesting. There’s a Twin-
View Dock, added a second 6-
Inch display with speaker and 6,000 battery that can charge the phone;
Gamevice, which adds dual analog joysticks and buttons, basically turns it into a handheld game device;
The Wiig Display Dock allows you to connect your phone to your TV;
Mobile desktop docking stations with multiple ports, including HDMI 2. 0, USB 3.
1. SATA hard disk, PC display port and microphone jack;
Finally, a professional desk dock, a more pedestrian add-on
On, it just has USB 3.
HDMI 4 k and Ethernet ports.
The ROG Phone also comes with a double
Camera behind lens (12 MP and 8 MP)
And an 8mp front. facing camera.
They did a good job but nothing special here.
The phone has 128 GB of storage for $1,149. 99. Android 8. 1 (Oreo)
And ROG game X mode UI 158. 83 mm x 76. 16mm x 8. 65 mm; 200 g 6-inch 18:9 (2,160 by 1,080)
90Hz, 1 MS response time supported by dedicated hardware display chip 550 AMOLED display 108 nits brightness game HDR and Mobile HDR.
6% DCIP3 and 10,000: 1 contrast AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass capacitive touch screen, more than 10 pointstouch (
Support glove touch)Dual front-
Speaker facing: 5-
Magnet speakers with dual NXP 9874 smart amplifier
Res audio 192 kHz/24-
Bit standard DTS (
Digital Cinema SystemHeadphone:X 7.
1 virtual surround sound headset supports three internal microphones of Asus noise reduction technology FM radio Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform 4 × 2.
96 GHz Kryo 385 gold and 4x1.
7 GHz Kryo 385 silver 8 gb ram 128 GB/512 GB dual-
Camera behind lens first Rear Camera: Sony IMX363 12MP dual pixel image sensor-1/2. 55-
Large sensor size, 1.
F/1, 4 m in large pixel size. 8 aperture, 83-
Degree vision (
Equivalent to 24mm lens on 35mm camera)
Second rear camera for AI scene detection: 8mp, 120-
Degree vision (
Equivalent to 12mm lens)
Front Camera: 8 MP, f/2. 0 aperture, 84-
Degree vision (
Equivalent to 24mm lens)
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