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Asus Eee Pad Tf201 A Symbol of Excellence

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-28
If there is one tablet that has surprised the world with its features and looks, it is none other than ASUS EEE Pad TF201. It is known for its outstanding design, looks and above all, its inner power. The option of the docking station has made people a diehard fan of this product. The individuals always look for a tablet that can be easily converted into a productivity workhorse. No doubt, the Android tablets and the keyboards for tablets operated via Bluetooth are not new to anyone. However, the grand launch of ASUS EEE Pad TF201 that provides the facility of keyboard dock has completely surprised everyone. The tablet can mutate to a netbook in terms of its overall look. Many people are of the belief that the introduction of ASUS EEE Pad TF201 in the market has bridged the gap between a cellphone and a notebook. Although it cannot replace either device but an additional battery, SD card slot and a USB port give this device an edge over other alternatives. The ASUS EEE Pad TF201 has a metallic surface that is surely an eye catcher for everyone. Those who love the metallic look of ASUS EEE Pad TF201 claim that it resembles Zenbook. No one has ever complained that the device has any wobbly parts or has major faults. On the whole, the design has met the expectations of people all over the world. Inserting the tablet into the keyboard dock is not difficult all. You would just need to tilt the device slightly and get your work done. The device is constructed to be strong and sturdy and you will not have to worry about denting under impact. If you start using ASUS EEE Pad TF201, you will see that the device has a lot of expansion options that were not available before; SD card reader, USB 2.0 port and HDMI are evident examples. Apart from the proprietary socket for charging cable, there is a micro HDMI outlet and a micro SD card slot as well. In addition, there is 3.5mm audio jack for microphones and headphones. The facility of HDMI ensures high pixel so that you can enjoy some high quality entertainment when you are free. The best part about ASUS EEE Pad TF201 is that apart from the compulsory charging socket, there is a card reader in the keyboard dock as well for usual USB 2.0 and SD cards. This makes it easier for the users to operate different gamepads and standards PC mouse with utmost ease. The ASUS EEE Pad TF201 is also equipped with Wifi facility so that you remain connected with the rest of the world all the time. This device is commonly used by the frequent travelers as they do not need to carry heavy laptops anymore on their shoulders when a lightweight device is readily available in the market today. At first when it was first introduced, the price was quite high. However, there has been a slight reduction in price over time and now many people have started buying it. Are you one of them?
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