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aspire s7 a top-speed ultrabook - review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-18
Cape Town -
Acer\'s Aspire S7 may be a laptop, and since the device is designed to increase productivity, it justifies the name of its racing car.
The device looks good on an aluminum case, but it\'s not just a pretty face: under the skin is the Intel Core i7-
The 3517U processor, in terms of ultrabook performance provided by SA, is close to the top of the pile.
The S7\'s ultra-thin profile reflects the direction in which manufacturers use ultrabook in competition for mobile devices such as tablets, but laptops are not lacking in improving road warrior productivity.
It has a SSD of 225 GB (solid-state drive)
With 4 gb of RAM, the machine is given bragging rights in terms of low power consumption.
Acer\'s battery life is about 6 hours, and a battery booster is added to extend the life of the phone.
The touch screen Aspire S7 runs the Windows 8 operating system and you don\'t need it even if there is a mouse in the box because of 29.
The 5 cm display screen is a touch screen, which makes the navigation of the operating system much simpler than the traditional hunting. and-peck method.
As you expected from the topof-the-
The line device at the same price as the used car, when the ambient light is weak and there are two USB 3 slots and one HDMI slot, the key lights up.
There is no standard network port, but Acer has an adapter in the box.
Also disappointing is that there is a micro in the Aspire S7
SD card slot instead of standard slot.
Good key though-
The hand with a large spacing may struggle with the close position of the cursor key up and down page controls.
The stereo on the device is better than expected, and even with the device on your leg, the recessed speakers don\'t seem to get muffled.
For all power supplies packaged in Ultrabook packaging, weight is not a problem: the device prompts the scale to 1 026g, indicating that Ultrabook may threaten the mobility of the tablet soon
Acer has been rolling out ultrabook in SA, and consumers can expect increasingly fierce competition among manufacturers.
Looking forward to features like the reversible and removable touch screen displayed at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show becoming more common, as well as the dual-touch Acer Iconia ultrabook.
Acer\'s Aspire S7 ultrabook is not cheap, and the suggested retail price of its stratosphere R24 999 may be prohibitive for many people.
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