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argentine student invents \'smart shoe\' to replace cane for the blind

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-24
This new blind shoe called \"duspavoni\" was developed by the 4 th grade student of the University of Technology, Juan Manuel boustamante, and on Friday in the Argentine capital, Bousa.
He said he worked on the project for six months.
\"I hope that my work, Duspavoni, will completely change the lives of people with vision problems, partially or entirely impaired vision,\" he told Ruptly . \".
The shoes have three ultrasonic sensors on the front, side and rear of the sole.
The sensors emit ultrasonic waves, which are reflected by objects around them and then return to the sensors.
Shoes vibrate according to the distance and position of the object.
\"The closer the object is, the more the device vibrates,\" says Bustamante . \".
\"If the object is in front, the tip of the shoe vibrates.
If it is on one side the sole vibrates and the heel vibrates if it is on the back.
\"The device can detect different kinds of materials, within a month of people and animals-inch (63. 5 centimeter)
The radius of the wearer.
It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a USB cable connected to the computer or even a mobile phone charger.
The total charge takes about five hours.
The owner can then use the shoes in three or four days.
The inventor said the idea was raised after talking to a friend who lost sight.
He created the shoe and replaced the traditional white crutch with something more cautious, which could reduce social stigma.
\"She told me that young blind people don\'t like crutches because they feel it insulted them,\" Bustamente told EFE . \".
\"The shoes were designed for young blind people between the ages of 10 and 25 because they refused to use white crutches the most.
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